Under ditt parasoll

Under ditt parasoll

Music film with the band Sven-Ingvars. The band plays travelling musicians from 19th century Värmland, who are commissioned to save an earl's daughter, who has been kidnapped by an evil and music-hating officer. The band travels to USA and the dangerous town of Desperado City. Here they meet Indians and bandits, look for gold and take part in a bar brawl.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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John H (mx) wrote: I kept seeing words in reviews for this movie, such as "disturbing," "bleak," and "grisly." I would change those words to "boring," "confusing," and "pointless." Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Ashley N (kr) wrote: Wow, I was surprised at how unrewarding, melodramatic, and predictable this movie was. And, while Anne Hathaway is a very cute and beautiful Jane Austen, her acting (and maybe even looks) never quite feel right to me. Better to go watch Kiera Knightly in Pride and Prejudice (2005).

James O (kr) wrote: Better than a lot of football films. Though it is inane at times, the commentary during the macthes are funny. The psycho keeper has been run into on the pitch during many a suday league game. Just a joke film and Vinny is ok, just not great.

Katherine A (es) wrote: Horrible dialogue. Ridiculous plot. Acting that veers between grade school Christmas play to over-improvised scene chewing. Plus a musical score that will make you want to stick an ice pick in your ear to distract you from the pain. People of earth, lesbians do not all have sex in public restrooms.

Gareth B (nl) wrote: Great fun time travel movie

Ken S (nl) wrote: Two couples are on a road trip in an RV, but when they accidentally stumble upon a Satanist cult performing a ritualistic murder...well they end up on the run from the cult who is seemingly everywhere. It's a decent little 70s schlocky horror/thriller.

Jenna I (gb) wrote: Great movie-- smart twists and turns and minimal BS. Coulda lost the hokey sex scene but otherwise dug Dunaway. Robert Redford is so stylish in this film. Love these 70s thrillers... great breathing room for clever plot twists and full of suspense.

Thaer N (de) wrote: legendary performance of an amazing comedian who paved the way for comedy as we know it today. Hoffman is awesome.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Sabotage might be just the beginning.A group of scientists and men who specialize in the depths of the ocean go on an undersea voyage for science in a submarine. While in the depths of the ocean the Earth seems to erupt and human existence is put at risk. It is completely unsafe to return to the surface. The scientists onboard are split in terms of identifying a potential solution where they could bomb the core of the Earth and reverse the actions taking place on the surface. Some scientists feel these actions will make things worse. All of these events, including the arguing scientists, make the shipmates nervous and they don't know how to react. Can the scientists save the Earth before the shipmen mutiny and take over the sub and force them to return the officers to their families?"What did you see out there?""Dead men on a dead ship."Irwin Allen, director of The Lost World, The Poseidon Adventure, Five Weeks in a Balloon, City Beneath the Sea, and The Swarm, delivers Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. The storyline for this picture is interesting and reminded me of 20,000 League Under the Sea. The action scenes are far and few between but well executed when delivered. The acting is above average and the cast includes Peter Lorre, Joan Fontain, Walter Pidgeon, Robert Sterling, and Mark Slade. "In her current condition she wouldn't even bite a congressman.""Then she's the only one onboard who wouldn't."I have always thought that Peter Lorre was a cool eccentric character that played interesting roles so I decided to DVR a couple of his films. I found this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this holiday season and decided to give it a shot. I will say the underwater scenes with the squid were cool as were the shots of the surface as the death toll mounted; however, the characters didn't really fascinate or keep my interest as intended. Overall, this is a fun science fiction picture that is above average but far from great."I'll remind you to keep your sniveling philosophies to yourself."Grade: B-

Les E (es) wrote: The script was rather ridiculous and Hepburn unconvincing.

Julian N (au) wrote: Not vert funny. Lots of plot holes and odd uninteresting characters.

Tex T (ca) wrote: Engaging and original even years later, with some great performances from some talented actors. The oddball characters with their boring lives somehow manage to raise the mundane into the extraordinary and the plot is not at all predictable (i.e., not a Hollywood ending). I realize this sounds like a generic review of a movie I (really really) like, but it's about What's Eating Gilbert Grape.