Under Fire

Under Fire

Three U.S. journalists (Nick Nolte, Joanna Cassidy, Gene Hackman) get too close to one another and their work in 1979 Nicaragua.

The film tells the gripping, emotional story of a pair of news correspondents chronicling the final days of the corrupt Samoza Regime in Nicaragua who find themselves under fire from both sides. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doug K (ag) wrote: 0% comedy - Flixster error.This is a very well acted tale of finding sanctuary in music, then finding that sanctuary has left you more alone. It's about finding oneself and being oneself, even if it goes against the norm. Very well done!

Alejandra G (gb) wrote: yeah... I mean at least you get out with the urge to eat cereal. its not awful.

Samuel H (ca) wrote: This is more close to a movie that would go straight to DVD.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: This lame sequel is incoherent with regard to the first movie and full of cheap scares followed by some stupid exploding sound. But even worst is to see that the brilliant idea of Candyman being a living rumor is replaced by a ghost-in-the-mirror curse.

Thomas B (br) wrote: A nice tale of an old man and his grandson. A true story filmed in my home town here in pittsburgh. (Peter Faulk filmed a few movies here)

Tyler B (de) wrote: It is one of those B horror movies that isn't even worth watching because it is just a stupid movie about destroying nature and psycho cavemen.

Jose M (ca) wrote: Hollywood Shuffle is a very entertaining comedy that mixes humor, wit, and nuttiness with issues in social problems and struggle for human dignity. Hollywood Shuffle centers on an aspiring African-American actor looking for a career in acting while stuck in a dead in job. He manages to find luck when opportunity opens a new door for a film, but has one major flaw: racial insensitive. Director, writer, and actor Robert Townsend then centers on his character Bobby as he faces the dilemmas over the degrading roll he is to take and the effects it would have on him and the community, but more importantly, his family. I would say Robert Townsend manages to pull a decent job and bring light some of the issues that young African-Americans may face in their quest for a career in acting. There is however some huge flaws in the film that involve homophobia and sexism although the sexism displayed, but I do not think a lot of viewer got it. Still, I would have to say that Hollywood Shuffle is comical with a good supporting cast and issue.

Pavan R (au) wrote: Some great action sequences but have to wait for it. The sword fights in the latter part are real good. Overall good fun though the beginning can be a bit slow and melodramatic

Carlos I (us) wrote: Tense thriller. Dustin Hoffman is great as usual. One of the most honest and disturbing depictions of rape on film and the aftermath.

Keith E (mx) wrote: Still in my top 3 movies of all time. Simple and silly, yet sublime and strong. A great riposte of Paris modernity that is still as relevant today for the whole modern world.

Devon B (ca) wrote: It's a film about adventure and romance, but what we really have here is a study on the nature of death by director Howard Hawks. A lone adventuress (Jean Arthur) steps off the boat in a tiny South American banana port, and makes quick friends with some lonely american pilots working for the local mail company. It's a friendship that ends all too suddenly and all too violently. But where she would shed tears for a soul lost to dust, his fellow pilots choose to sing songs and even laugh it off, as death could come for any one of them at any time. The dashing head of the crew (Cary Grant) is perhaps the most cavalier of the group, but then, he has to be, as he's the one who sends them out (possibly to their deaths). She's attracted to him, and he to her, not as some flighty dame, but as a real woman who knows how to value life. But it becomes her task to convince him that she won't try to change him like his last love (Rita Hayworth) did, and he must make the effort to want something, to want her, for more than a passing fancy. He, who never owns so much as a book of matches, feeling it's too much of a commitment. In the face of the constant threat of death, maybe this all seems unimportant, or maybe it's the only thing that IS important. Maybe that's the heart of the matter, the issue of what this life is all about and what are we doing here and why are we doing it.There is a scene towards the end of the movie, a pilot is going on "one last flight", and it's one he must make alone. It's the elephant in the room, the fact that everyone knows, but no one wants to say aloud. That we all must one day die, and that we will die alone. The light will die within us and the mystery of death will finally be revealed. It may be wrong to fixate on our ultimate fate, but it's more wrongful still to deny that fate completely. Only Angels Have Wings is a microcosm of all our own little lives put together. We push forward and persevere in our work and loves in spite of our own mortality, because to do otherwise would be to negate our whole existence in the first place.

Jeff J (br) wrote: Pretty good average kind of film. Good for some entertainment value, but it is no Gladiator, Braveheart, or Troy.

Steven L (de) wrote: This is an intense look at the lives of two black people - one freed and in the North, one freed and perilously close to slavery -- toward the end of the Civil War. They both are affected by their relationship to each other, even as outside forces threaten their safety and their future.