Under Hellgate Bridge

Under Hellgate Bridge

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Carlos M (us) wrote: If you watch this bilingual martial arts movie for its fighting scenes, you will have plenty to enjoy, for they are really great, but apart from that it is quite forgettable and has nothing else to offer, with Keanu Reeves directing it with no passion and playing a cartoonish villain.

WS W (jp) wrote: Jackson Rathbone in suits, & sings swing. The directing & writing are both kinda awful unfortunately.

Brion V (ru) wrote: Another movie about a disintegrating relationship. Without enough voyeurism to complete the task.

Peter W (gb) wrote: What can I say faeries and witches are badass

Chris Z (nl) wrote: Cemetary Junction plays well as a story about a man trying to make his way in life. It, however, is also nowhere near a comedy.

joey s (us) wrote: The best dramatic Lebanese film to date. A powerful social study with some truly genius comedic flare.

Rick S (au) wrote: Bad News Bears meets John Landis starring Will Ferrel.

Jussi M (kr) wrote: Mahtava fiilis nhd valkokankaalta 35mm versiona. Aitoa filmi. Ei mitn digiskeidaa :D

Nandini B (nl) wrote: Watch for cinematography. Horrible Acting and tasteless editing. Book is a lot more enjoyable. Movie is very avoidable.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Hitchcock returns to the UK here with a man wrongfully accused as the 'Necktie Killer'; this after losing his job, missing a longshot horse and having to sleep at the Salvation Army--a very bad day. The Master shows he can still deliver into his 70s, with some effective humour on top of it all.

Brinn O (es) wrote: I love Robin Williams and the effects. Also its sweet and sentimental. But, if your trying to find wit and minute by minute gags, this isn't the place to look for it.

Maksim B (kr) wrote: Inspirational sport dramas based on real events tend to succeed among the audience with their touching stories, solid performances and feel-good happy endings. Pride is set on this track too, but with its lack of sufficient emotional load and formulaic development it fails to constitute itself as something more than a Hallmark Channel-suitable movie.Swimming is not a major sport and Pride has the hard task of involving the audience from the very beginning. Though in a controversial manner, "the Afro-American" issue is brought as an opening scene and from this moment this remains one of the major plot lines. Terrence Howard as coach Ellis is the main character involved in this plot line and his terrific performance is what keeps everyone really engaged in the story-telling.Apart from Howard's outstanding leading role, Pride stumbles with some well-known for this genre cliches. The bad character, trying to distract the talented youngsters; the experienced, but with no hope veteran (Bernie Mac) who starts to believe again; the talented but with very difficult character young swimmer; the leading character with dark past. All those cliches may not annoy the audience, but they certainly create the feeling that Pride is just "any other sports movie".Pride is definitely a suitable choice for a weekend evening and will not disappoint, despite the inevitable comparisons with heavy-weight deliveries such as Remember The Titans.