Under Our Skin

Under Our Skin

Exposes the hidden epidemic of Lyme disease and reveals how our corrupt health care system is failing to address one of the most serious illnesses of our time.

Exposes the hidden epidemic of Lyme disease and reveals how our corrupt health care system is failing to address one of the most serious illnesses of our time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Majed K (kr) wrote: one of the best movie..must watch it

Kace C (ru) wrote: In a Better World [Denmark, 2010] Visually appealing and morally engaging. This film has a secret I'm yet to know. 8/10

Mark V (ag) wrote: The little brother practically steals the show.

Bruce A (us) wrote: I like the fight choreography in this, some cast look like game counterparts and some are not, but the story is a bit weak. Tekken is a non stop action sci/fi adventure based on the video game so if you are a Tekken fan, you can watch or you prefer to play the games?get ready For The Next Battle.

Jason H (au) wrote: Its a well made documentary and it makes some valid points to be sure but of course it is terribly one sided so I suppose it depends what side of the issue you fall on. The best part id the special feature with CLinton talking for 40 minutes...an Evening with Bill Clinton would certainly be an awesome idea haha.

Francisco S (gb) wrote: Home Alone 4 is until now the worst of Home Alone movie, it is still interesting but it doesn't match the expectations with its unfunny jokes, unoriginal story and predictable narrative. The most Home Alone's cliched movie.

Stephen J (nl) wrote: This is showing on Time Warner Cable under "On Demand/Free Movies/Sundance"; worth seeing for sure. But I don't think I'll ever quite say good-bye to my Jennifer. Sometimes, I actually find myself saying hello.

Ben L (fr) wrote: Ronin begins as one of the more intriguing heist films I've ever seen. The plot is established very efficiently and we are saved long scenes of needless exposition. There's a metal case with something valuable in it, and we meet the team that has been assembled to steal that case. There is limited dialogue, and we get to the action very quickly. In fact I think the first act of the movie is nearly perfect. I have nothing but praise to heap on the cast of Ronin as well. De Niro is an interesting choice for the retired agent who probably once worked for the CIA. He isn't the type of actor I would anticipate for a role like this, but he brings some gravitas that makes it clear he knows more than anyone else in the room (and could probably kill everyone in the room if he wanted to, as well.) Jean Reno is superb in this film as well. He has a similar strength to his character, but you can tell some of that comes from his comfort being in familiar surroundings because he's on his home turf. Stellan Skarsgard is always the wild card in movies like this, and I was genuinely a bit surprised by his character, which means he bluffed me well with his understated performance.If I were to make one major complaint about Ronin it would be the horrible decision to eliminate Sean Bean from the story so early. He was charming and a bit unpredictable which I really loved. I would have enjoyed seeing his loud-mouth persona butting heads with the stoic Robert De Niro throughout the movie. In fact I was so put off by his disappearance that I kept expecting him to return to the story later on. I started to lose some interest in the second act, when I thought I was going to get nothing but car chases for the next hour. While these chases were filmed brilliantly and certainly had some intensity to them, I wasn't emotionally engaged and started to tune out. The chases and other action sequences started to feel contrived just to keep the adrenaline pumping, but didn't move the story forward as well as some of the more subdued scenes. The final act came together for me a little better, because they didn't do everything quite the way I expected. And I especially liked how they realized there was no need to reveal the contents of the case, because that didn't really matter. It was a MacGuffin in its purest form. By the end I was satisfied with Ronin, but lacked any strong connection to the movie. It's almost one of those that I expect to forget I watched within a few years. If you're interested feel free to check it out, because it won't disappoint you, sadly it also probably won't overly impress you either.

Adam P (es) wrote: Great acting and lots of man-taint make this a definite must-see. Seriously, I haven't seen this much man-taint in a major motion picture since, well since ever. Even Jason Alexander spends most of the film naked. And can I just say that Justin Kirk is probably the sexiest person on the planet. Since Jesus.

Nicole D (br) wrote: so cute and it really did teach that snobby girl a lesson thats for sure.

Jim H (au) wrote: Pretty terrible. Heavy on the tits, not much gore. Not much of anything, really. Destination Understanding is a cracking song, however.

Michael L (jp) wrote: i really loved segal and gould in this but i really didnt the movie at all. i like a lot of altman movies (3 women, mash) but not the ones where everyone talks over each other (nashville, brewster mccloud). i got really distracted by the craziness and monotony of said craziness.

Antone A (br) wrote: One of my favorite depressing movies, it's got everyone and it's great.

Jack D (br) wrote: Absurd plot but with a lot of action.