Under the Gun

Under the Gun

A debt-ridden night club owner has to take on Italian and Asian mobsters, corrupt police, and an angry pimp that he threw out of the club to try to keep his club in business.

A debt-ridden night club owner has to take on Italian and Asian mobsters, corrupt police, and an angry pimp that he threw out of the club to try to keep his club in business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Under the Gun torrent reviews

Julien B (es) wrote: Great movie!!!! Worth watching!

Kaspars R (fr) wrote: Cast was ok, but the movie could be better. Still, I think it's the best so far made biker movie that I know of.

Ms Amanda J (de) wrote: Younger viewers will enjoy it more. Otherwise, this movie gets pointless with time. Mandy Moore is so wholesome as the lead character that the film is still hard to hate.

matthew p (es) wrote: its kinda sad but way better than the books

Andr (fr) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 26.05.2003

Darrell R (ca) wrote: A wonderful film. It's a shame that most people have never heard of it. Watch this!

Robert P (fr) wrote: Ray Haryhausen, need I say more

Noah F (br) wrote: One of the western legends.

Quincy T (ca) wrote: Four debts and a funeral.For all the gritty title and noir poster it has, the better part of Criminal Activity is its satirical attempt on crime genre. The thriller works by introducing subplots while playing out the main story with a lot of twists and turns. While not every narrative pays out, there's a solid acting here and it's pretty exciting to see the diverse characters as they are put in highly volatile situations. Four young men reunite on the funeral of their friend. After a smoke they are intrigued by an investment opportunity that fails almost immediately. Unfortunately to them the investment is already tied to a mafia and they must do a difficult favor to clean the slate. Their hardship eventually turns into a spiral of dangerous power struggle with kidnapped niece and nephew while agents and assassins chase after them.It's a deeper premise than it originally shows, creating layers of subplots as it progresses. Some of the sequences are highly entertaining due to their absurdity and good delivery by the actors. Edi Gathegi as the gangster involved in all the shenanigans stands out even among the capable leads of John Travolta and Dan Stevens. There are unexpected outlandish mafia themed narratives, or perhaps slight parody of it, that will deliver chuckle or thrill to audience.However, even with most of the story manage to be entertaining, the movie tends to overreach. It has plenty of side characters or events that may not be that important yet still get a lot of screen time. It tries to pull off too many tricks that don't resonate better than its core story. Not to mention the twisting revelation at the end feels rather abrupt and might too far fetch, although it's still decent due to the outlandish nature.Criminal Activity works on parts where the acting and satire are strong, but it does try to overreach with few others distracting stints like a greedy mobster.

steven d (ag) wrote: I really liked it I loved the original song is the lonely island guys of been putting out great hits for years I wish they came out with more and it was on the radio these guys are hilarious very original the first 45 minutes of the movie was excellent it was new music great acting very upbeat fast pace in the second half of the 45 minutes is more of a down slide slower more negative not as much Music wasn't as much fun so my only critique is I wish they had the same Face in the first half the movie then the second but I hope they come out with us at the movie I really enjoyed it.