Under the North Star

Under the North Star

Perustuu Väinö Linnan samannimiseen romaanitrilogiaan, joka on yksi suomalaisen kirjallisuuden tärkeimmistä teoksista.

A new film-adaptation of Väinö Linna's famous book here Beneath the North Star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Under the North Star torrent reviews

Donald D (us) wrote: Honestly, it's the worst of the series despite being the progenitor. The suburbia commentary has been done and done better and to death. It scores points for setting up the universe and the series.

Sasha T (br) wrote: Northern Exposure vs. dragon.

Kris V (ru) wrote: Naieve and amateurish indie drama with a badly executed and ridiculous plot, enhanced by a grating neverending voice-over from the lead. Here's a bunch of young talent that I wouldn't mind never hearing about again.

Tiger L (mx) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very funny

Mark K (de) wrote: what happened to the freshness.

Dicky A (ru) wrote: Excellent French thriller. Both leads give Oscar winning performances...

James H (ag) wrote: When you start out with a plot as stupid as this, not much can be done to make it a good movie. Many needless explosions, uninspired acting, aimless direction. It did have a few exciting scenes at least.

Bee C (jp) wrote: The storyline was good and the acting is not too bad but I do wish that they would give more depth of the villainous character. There are a couple of loop holes but I got distracted by Christopher Egan's body, which is soooo fine.

Tristan G (mx) wrote: Good Movie.I really enjoyed this neat little Canadian Gem. It was funny, interesting, realistic, creepy, and original. I've seen it four times now, and it is just as good as when i saw it the first. It's about a group of slackers who have no money and are on the verge of actually getting a job when one of them, Donner(Jason Lee), wants to go to his uncle's cabin in the woods with them. What they don't realize is that Donner is going insane and really just wants to look for Sasquach. They're too stoned to realize this though and proceed with him into the woods. The best thing about this film is definitely Jason Lee's performance. This is one of his first films, and he gives so much depth and personality that could have otherwise been disposable. The rest of the characters are pretty much spot on. They are mostly likable, especially Renee Humphrey's character. The only one who doesn't quite work is Jason Mewes, although he is still funny as usual. In fact, the only real reason why his character doesn't work is because he practically plays the same person as he usually does. But he's good enough at it, so it doesn't really matter. Carmen Lee gives the film a nice dose of sanity while Martin Brooks does his weird thing. I love the rough feel of the film and i like how deadpan it is. It is perfectly enjoyable. Maybe not life changing, but still pretty cool. Check it out, if you can find it!!!

Brian P (gb) wrote: Weak movie. VERY WEAK

Bill T (us) wrote: A bit of a goofy movie here that supposedly explores the relationship of the Korean People to G.I.'s when the Korean War was going on, but it's all a bit too melodramatic, goofy and over the top to ever take seriously. A motley of Korean lower-class descripit people try to get by on what they have, one of them harvests dog meat, a kid is ostrancized because he's half Black, another has eye problems etc. It's somewhat interesting, maybe a tad overacted, but that all is forgiven when an actor billed as Mitch Mahlum screeches everything to a halt with his performance as a GI who falls in love with the girl with eye problems. He is just SO BAD. I can understand Asian directors maybe having difficulty with American actors because of the language barriers, but Mahlum just fails in all aspects, line delivery, mannerisms, and just EVERYTHING. Just horrible. But funny bad horrible. Yay!

Danny R (kr) wrote: Carl Rinsch's big-budget, but underwhelming dramatization of the of the treasured Japanese myth is a major disappointment and a total waste of time. In a dull and wooden performance Keanu Reeves plays Kai, a mystical "half-breed" masterless samurai aka Ronin, who is called upon by Oish, well played by Hiroyuki Sanada the leader of the 47 outcast samurai warriors to seek vengeance upon the evil overlord Kira, played by Tadanobu Asano who murdered their master and banished their order. Uninspired direction by Carl Rinsch, with cheesy, sub-standard CGI visual effects that gives this misfire of an fantasy/adventure the look of a cheap video game, even the large action sequences are for the most part incompressible. The film's only saving grace is the visually striking cinematography by John Mathieson. In short this film is a colossal bore. I predict that this $175 million mega-dud will be one of the biggest box office bombs of 2013! Not Recommended.

Loren R (gb) wrote: Ein kleiner und einfacher Film! Als Vorlage wurde hier Die Reifeprfung" angesetzt!Hrt sich simpel und lustig an, ist es leider weniger. Bei dieser Darsteller Auswahl htte man einen guten und unterhaltenden Film machen knnen. Doch leider tmpelt die Geschichte vor sich hin und man wartet bis zu dem Schluss, dass es doch nur ein kleines Gercht" gewesen sei.Die Schauspieler spielen solide. Wobei man merkt, dass es voll fr Aniston zugeschnitten worden ist. Costner spielt unterfordert und fr gewisse Lacher hlt man Shirley McLaine fest. Wobei sie am meisten auffllt.Fazit: Nicht unbedingt ein gelungenes Gercht, dass man unbedingt ansehen muss! Aber es ist ja nur ein Gercht...