Under the Salt

Under the Salt

A series of murders leads Commander Trujillo to Santa Rosa de la Sal a town close to a salt mine, where he meets Victor Zepeda - a lonely teenager who works in his father's funeral home and spends his free time making crude animated horror films - who's strange behavior seems to point at him as the culprit of the crimes.

A series of murders leads commander TRUJILLO to Santa Rosa de la Sal a town close to a salt mine, where he meets VÍCTOR ZEPEDA - a lonely teenager who works in his father funeral home and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caesar M (es) wrote: No doubt that I love strong women in movies for either the actress giving a good performance or the characters itself. This movie has everything you could want from a great female protagonist and more. The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake chronicles the life of Qiu Jin who is regarded as the first female revolutionist in Chinese history and is revered as a national heroine in China today. Now I can't speak for accuracy as I know nothing about Qiu Jin life, but I will say the movie does an effective job of telling her life story. The structure you'll get is the first 30 to 40 minutes of this film is action and then the film goes into dramatic territory, and then last 20 to 30 minutes is martial arts/action. It's a good structure made better by the Qiu Jin character with terrific writing as well. Qiu Jin is represented as a strong, beautiful, smart, caring, fearful, strong, and most importantly a woman who stands for justice and women rights in a over controlling male era. It's truly epic in every sense of the word as it's convey strong emotion from the audience into the revolution these people fought for. The Martial Art and gun-play in this movie are well made and put together. Now often the action scenes do take away some realism away from the movie since it's base on a true story. Which is the only complain from the action scenes and there should enough to please anyone. I enjoyed the cast for putting good effort for bringing these characters to life, especially Huang Yi as Qiu Jin. Not only is she able to make her action scenes look convincing, but she's able to portray this deep character with such grace. The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake is a great movie with great drama accompanied by great action. It's truly a hidden treasure that must be seen as it has one of greatest heroines ever put on film.

Vessela D (jp) wrote: What a beautiful and inspiring story! :) I loved it! :)

p b (ag) wrote: It's no secret that I admire Jet Li, he moves like a God and all fightscenes are perfect. This is a wonderful little movie :)

Guy M (ca) wrote: Derek strikes again.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Not even accidentally funny.

Gene W (kr) wrote: A true guy's movie. Thoroughly enjoyable for ski buffs with a lot of flesh. Quite humorous in a sophmoric way as well. Only other movie I've seen as many times as this is the Warriors.

Sean C (de) wrote: It's totally over the top, but it's really fun to watch. Wings Hauser makes this movie, though. His performance as Ramrod is just so hilariously evil. This movie also proves that Clint Eastwood didn't say "make my day" in a movie first. Sudden Impact came out a year after this one.

Christopher H (nl) wrote: The James Bond film where the Austin Powers franchise derives most of it's material from.Contains some of the franchises most electrifying action sequences and special effects work (the gadgets in this film are simply awesome). Arguably the true star of this movie are the fantastic set designs by Ken Adam, the unsung hero of the early JB films. Every single set in this movie, especially the awe-inspiringly massive SPECTRE volcano base, is breath-taking in it's creativity and imagination. I also love the great on-location shots in Japan and John Barry's score is one of his best.So with all these elements, what prevents this movie from being a great JB entry? Two things...1) The plot is very convoluted, messy, and not even remotely plausible. The initial set-up of James Bond faking his death becomes pretty meaningless after the first 20 minutes and the sequence in which James Bond LITERALLY turns Japanese feels like complete time-killer.2) Around this time, Sean Connery was starting to lose his enthusiasm for the role that made him into a superstar and it shows in his substandard performance. He is far from bad, but the dashing playboy-esque charm of his previous performances feels sadly absent from the proceedings. Regardless of these flaws, this is an extremely fun movie and great for fans of over-the-top James Bond.

Vuong B (es) wrote: funny and has good acting

Arnab G (it) wrote: it's a awesome movie to watch...especially the graphics part was mindblowing

Shariq H (it) wrote: Absolutely awesome film. The character development and emotions tie in to the watcher and make you feel as scared and mentally disturbed as the few survivors.

Hernan J (mx) wrote: The first Beatle to go in a solo project was the late GEORGE HARRISON. The result was the soundtrack for this film, which also features ERIC CLAPTON on guitar. Sort of Psychedelic reality movie with Jane Birkin (Je t'aime moi non plus). I always thought it was directed by Paul Harris.