Under The Skin

Under The Skin

Jonathan Glazer's atmospheric, visually arresting abstraction stars Scarlett Johansson as a seductive alien who prowls the streets of Glasgow in search of prey: unsuspecting men who fall under her spell, only to be consumed by a strange liquid pool.

Under My Skin is a science fiction thriller movie based on the novel by Michael Faber, tells the story about a alien woman who went to the highlands in Scotland. He used her beauty, sexiness to trap the people lifting her and turn them into food for her army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fabian J (us) wrote: This masterpiece doesn't offer up its secrets easily, if at all. To say its a film about a bloke swimming home is like saying Ulysses is a book about a bloke wandering around Dublin. Burt Lancaster, never the most subtle of actors, delivers a mesmeric performance of a man and an age being slowly written out of history. This is much more than just a film, it's an idyll of complexity and fascinating enigmas. Memory, the loss of memory, the loss of time, delusion, confusion and the painful need for purpose are all intricately encapsulated in one day; "what a day, have you ever seen such a glorious day?"

Lynn N (ru) wrote: Really good documentary on the clash between development and the environment, water rights, and private property rights. It's not a wonder that people so short-sided and seemingly without the capacity to even consider living in harmony with nature or their neighbors elected George W. Bush their governor. It made me so angry!!! No wonder our country is going down the drain.

Terry C (au) wrote: one of the best performance of JCVD Average dark action thriller,worth to see

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Excellent, tense and genuinely creepy. One of the best monster movies to come around in a long time. The chemistry between the two leads is so believable, and the Creeper is great!

Jim A (gb) wrote: Nicholson gives one of the best performances of his career as a old retired man looking back on his life and his legacy. Through a clever means of narrating letters to an African child through a charity program we get an honest look at a mans life. The story is at times funny, dramatic, and in general true to life making it a recommended picture for those who don't mind a slower paced character study

RayNormanBateman (us) wrote: This was a very poor sequel to one of my favourite guilty pleasure movie. In the first film you get suspense, you get surprises and you get great characters that you actually care about or to watch for the whole time in the movie. In this, there is nothing other than what started as pretty decent camera shots that they overused by the end of the film. The story is lame, the way the film pans out is very TV movie'ish. It does not even try to be good. At least with the third they try something different but with this one it's like no one knew what was going on and just went with whatever.

Greg T (kr) wrote: This vampire/stripper comedy may well have been watched by Quentin Tarantino in his formative years-the similarities between VAMP and FROM DUSK TIL DAWN are striking. In this, two frat-boy wannabes head to a ropey out-of-town strip club to pick up an exotic dancer for their college buddies. As is often the case though, it turns out the joint is a nest of blood-thirsty vampires, led by the nefariously bizarre Grace Jones, who are desperate to suck the boys dry. Lit like a bad 80s disco, as erotic as a used tampon & as scary as a Care Bear, VAMP is cheap trash for sure, but it's quite entertaining cheap trash that's occasionally funny and contains scenes featuring Billy Drago which automatically lift it from one star ignominy.

Luke N (ca) wrote: Well, the self-absorbed princesses had it coming...

Eric B (jp) wrote: The premise of this Peter Watkins mockumentary is an instant grabber. We're dropped into an alternate Vietnam-era America. The government is abusing an existing law (the McCarran Internal Security Act) to detain hippies who may pose a threat to the country. Groups of shaggy subversives are taken to a tent somewhere, quickly convicted in a kangaroo court and given a choice of either multiple years in prison or a risky trip to Punishment Park. Typically, they choose the latter."Punishment Park" is the code name for a sadistic test where offenders are released in the California desert (without water) and told they'll be freed if, within three days, they can hike to an American flag planted 53 miles away. As if that assignment isn't tough enough, armed soldiers aggressively stalk them, giving them a mere two-hour start. Allegedly, the soldiers are there just to ensure the offenders follow the rules, but they're itching for any excuse to open fire. It's a rigged game.Fantastic, so far. But "Punishment Park" can turn painfully shrill and strident. The plot jumps between two separate arcs: a group of people enduring the desert trek, and a second group facing the court panel. The latter is where most of the problems lie. Though the improvised dialogue has a convincing realism, the accused's screechy, ham-fisted testimonies are a serious chore to endure. Interesting that "Punishment Park" was released the same year as "Billy Jack," because the films are gratingly unsubtle and sanctimonious in a similar way.While the stereotypical defendants rage about the war, man, and the government telling them to do stuff, the dozen or so Punishment Park youths split into three factions (separated in the credits as "militants," "semi-militants" and "pacifists"). Some mount a preemptive attack on the soldiers. Some try to slog through the full trip. And some just give up. None of these strategies are likely to pay off.The outdoor struggles are stark and dramatic, but there's one bit of poetic license that's not quite forgivable. An unseen cameraman (voiced by Watkins himself) follows the weary travelers, and even becomes a plot point when he eventually protests the soldiers' unfair tactics. But while the prisoners grow more and more dehydrated and exhausted, there is no sense of the cameraman deteriorating -- even though he's carrying all that technical gear! The film could have been more interesting if the footage quality wobbled as its maker also neared water-deprived delirium.The amateur cast has no familiar faces beyond character actor Carmen Argenziano, but veteran jazz drummer Paul Motian composed the soundtrack. "Punishment Park" never found a distributor in the States, due to its controversial story.The closing credits add an ironic note that an actor who played one of the courtroom rebels soon drew a real-life prison sentence for assaulting a police officer.

Nicholas S (ca) wrote: Decent and sort of original..not overwhelmingly predictable, at least. I do like the cast of Justin Long, Vince Vaughn and Brendan Frasier.

Yuri B (au) wrote: Just a flat out classic... with one of the most memorable lines in cinema history.

Jacob L (ca) wrote: Spectacular action Awesome cgi If ur a fan of the series you know what ur in for

Clyde C (de) wrote: If you can believe an old, alcoholic has-been who won't eat can pull off the incredibly strenerous fights and other athletic moves then watch this one! The OLD MICK comes through again. Wow!

Carman B (fr) wrote: It is really cool to see this movie again