Under the Stars

Under the Stars

Selfish, opportunistic Benito returns to his home in Navarre when he learns that his father is dying. There, he reconnects with his younger brother Lalo, a metal sculptor who is emotionally needy. Benito also develops a surprising bond with Ainara, the young daughter of his brother's girlfriend, Nines.

Warning! This synopsis contains spoilers Bajo las estrellas (beneath the stars) features the selfish... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (fr) wrote: The reemergence of old-school, slow building suspense horror films like Paranormal Activity, House of the Devil and The Conjuring has been both a blessing and a curse; spawning countless imitators that have no idea how to follow through properly. This is what I like to call a "Google scene" horror movie where every scare is followed by a slow and uneventful trip to the library or Grandma's house in order to progress the plot. Annabelle imitates the content it's ripped off from without success.

Al S (es) wrote: An instant classic that has it all for action fans. It has zombies, robots, bullets, blood and pure wicked fun from start to finish. A wickedly entertaining and intense action shocker that's just spectacular enjoyment. A totally bad-ass and awesome movie. It's one of the most wild and simply one of the best movies of Dolph Lundgren's career. An action-packed chiller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Lundgren is terrific, he plays a great character and tackling a new genre that he is clearly having a blast in. Director, Christopher Hatton crafts one of the most original and entertaining genre movies of the year. A pure blast.

Andy F (au) wrote: Poor effort for the third installment in this horror near future series. One or two decent set pieces are spoiled by a genuine lack of terror and a tiresome and uninteresting climax

Matt M (es) wrote: Michael Moore's wider take on capitalism, portrayed as a sinister way which takes money off the public good in order to make the richer richer and the poorer poorer is eccentric and still quite convincing. Whether you agree with what he says or not, it's really hard to fault his entertaining structures, with open use of sense of humour and bleak realism, that make his viewpoints almost seductive. To take on this particular subject, Moore himself takes the original concept of his first feature documentary Roger and me where he examined the General Motors situation as a starting point to examine the American situation in a captivating portrayal that, admittedly is sometimes self indulgent, but nevertheless constantly interesting.

Mirkku S (ca) wrote: This movie has some issues, but overall it's almost as amazing as the first part.

William M (mx) wrote: WOW, this is boring. Very very boring. And I feel like starting a new charity to get Nick Love a tripod to keep his camera steady for at least 1 second. Sean Bean is cool though, but there's no reason to watch this instead of rewatching Game of Thrones season 1

Stu T (it) wrote: Enjoyed it mostly, just thought it could do with a bit at the end where everything is explained for thick people like me.

Andy F (ru) wrote: It's legacy is that it probably served as massive inspiration for Dennis Potter's masterpiece, The Singing Detective. On its own, the black comedic dialogue soon wears thin and the story is too dull to take seriously. Worth a look for some true early 70s atmospherics and if you drift in and out you may enjoy the odd bit of dialogue.

Maria C (fr) wrote: Good action flic. Worth watching.

Lily Lung G (kr) wrote: not bad. too much smooching and soft-core drama though. i like "all quiet" and "sergant york" way better, when it comes to old war movies...

Jude P (it) wrote: A Piece of history which USA will be ashamed of their lame security lapses.Surmise the US military acts that depicts in the movie happened then, it will be remembered the utmost asinine piece in US history.