Under the Tonto Rim

Under the Tonto Rim

A stagecoach owner (Tim Holt) goes to jail to catch a holdup gang.

When the Tonto Rim gang attack Brad's stagecoach, they take the strongbox and kill one of his workers. Learning the gang member Patton is in jail, Brad gets himself thrown in also. Chito ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather P (kr) wrote: The new guy in the series did a good job. They really hurt Van Damme's character in this, especially if you kept up with the series. Good action but bad story line in my opinion.

Fat T (nl) wrote: I can watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it, it captivates me.

Budi G (es) wrote: For some reason, the DVD cover is too racy for Flixster so they changed it. :p Anyway, this is one of those indies that is cheaply made but has its hearts in the right places. I found it embarrasing to watch at times because the shoestring budget really shows, but overall, it's a sweet little movie and recommended for a romantic night.

Jim H (gb) wrote: Robert McNamara explains his life during the two World Wars and the Vietnam War.For those of us who are students of history but didn't live during the times of the Vietnam War and WWII, this film doesn't have the resonance it might otherwise have. What I see is McNamara the apologist and McNamara the regretful soldier, personalities that he freely oscillates between almost at will. He wags his finger at the camera so many times that I felt like he was giving me, a small boy, a lecture on how to live. The film becomes a compilation of McNamara saying, "I did my best, but I fucked up, but damn it, I did my best!"Overall, I think this film is a good introduction to people who know little about the wars, but it ultimately devolves into a talking head documentary.

Will W (es) wrote: One of the most visceral, painful and depressing movies ever made. If you thought Requiem for a Dream was unpleasant, here you go. However, there is a slight sense of hope found among all of the brutal and realistic domestic violence, squalid drug abuse and filthy language perpetrated and spouted by these far-from-likable characters. (And I do mean filthy - the f-bombs and c-words come flying with no remorse.) Plus, it doesn't forget to tell that some people in London council estates actually live like this. Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone are absolutely terrific, and the tight direction and camera angles prove that Gary Oldman truly is a jack of all trades.

Cory P (de) wrote: It had it's parts but in the end it wasn't really worth watching. There are definately better movies

Armando B (us) wrote: This is one of the best Arnold movies of all time. He just plays the spy character like he owns it. Great action and good special effects James Cameron brings the best of the best to the table and he definely delivers the good, great film to watch. So for this being another great collaboration by Cameron and Arnold and deliver a great action packed movie from start to finish. I give "True Lies" a A-.

Ted W (br) wrote: I love that they have a second arthur movie. But now arthur and Linda are trying to adopt a baby. Don't like the idea by Arthur and Linda are trying to adopt a kid. Cute kid. Terrible....

Michael P (ag) wrote: Elliott Gould and Robert Blake are perfect for this film. They remind me of gangsters with the way the talk and carry on.

Shane S (au) wrote: A highly underrated flick. Its not as good as it would've been, had the studio not kept messing with it. Everyone blames Shatner for how it turned out, but the blame is 100% on Paramount Pictures. They ruined a great idea. Its still pretty good, and exciting.