Under the Yum Yum Tree

Under the Yum Yum Tree

A love-struck landlord tries to convince a pretty tenant to dump her fiance and give him a chance.

A love-struck landlord tries to convince a pretty tenant to dump her fiance and give him a chance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saurabh K (de) wrote: Excellent depiction of a real story. Gripping and no-nonsense. Keeps you rooted to your seats till the end.

Dustin D (gb) wrote: Very good biopic. I always thought of Roger Ebert as an insufferable little fat man until I read his review of Seven Samurai back in 2008. After that, I became addicted to his writing and read several of his archived articles a week since. I developed a huge admiration of him as a writer and as a person during his final years. While he could be insufferably arrogant (a point this movie doesn't sugarcoat), he was also a real gentleman. This movie gets uncomfortably personal, recommended for anyone who loves the movies.

Simmi S (kr) wrote: good concept in this movie

Thomas H (us) wrote: Well made gritty British drama.

jason b (kr) wrote: OK, so I knew this movie was going to be rotten, after it all it was a "blockbuster exclusive release" which I guess means it was a movie that sucked to bad to actually be released into a theater, so it went straight to video. [i]So, it was unbelievable that the star of this thing was Bruce Boxleitner, a heavy hitter I'll admit, I mean who could forget his Bobby Joe in "Sixpack Annie". A real gem........Or, his Lee Stetson in "The scarecrow and Mrs King" a true monument in television entertainment. Enough said, I'm sure Bruce is a great guy, but this movie is something you should show your grandparents as they are drifting off to sleep on the couch on a Tuesday night. Don't bother pausing this one when you have to use the head, you won't have missed much. Sorry Bruce, lookin forward to Tron the movie[/i]

nandhini j (ca) wrote: Very slow?..still you can watch it. One thing for sure I will be more cautious when I drive.

Asif K (ru) wrote: not interested at all ....

Waleed A (nl) wrote: great movie, great story, great acting, oh and also, it's about rap battles. oh and also, it's about eminem (basically) (about 5 viewings)

Robyn M (de) wrote: Stealing Harvard, stole my time i can never get back!The film was Over acted by too much improvisation, no direction, few laughs if any this isn't rental material. It looked more fun to be apart of "making the film" but watching it is degrading. with Tom Green you can only get so much, which in return is sooo Little!

steff r (au) wrote: cant really remember it but i got bored

Zbynk S (br) wrote: Nad high-tech vybavenm Eddieho Furlonga mi cel 1/2 film cukala ?elist, ale i tak to nen patn 1/2 film a ve sv (C)m sub 3/4nru i slun zbava.lov>ka p(TM)esto zaraz, co byl Furlong schopn 1/2 vzt t(TM)i roky po Termintorovi.Ka 3/4dopdn> kvli T.Ryder Smithovi(jeho homoexhibice stoj za to) si Brainscan ur?it> puste a uvidte (TM)adu prkopnick 1/2ch special efekt.

Edward W (kr) wrote: Very underrated, Movie But it ultimately fails because its been done so many times before

Mason B (ca) wrote: this movie really scared me when i first saw it. but this was indeed a good horror movie. i watch it every halloween. By the way, this is NOT a werewolf movie!! this is just one of those "when animals attack" kind of movies

Nathan D (jp) wrote: Ending made me cry - I thought it would have been a sweet touch if the Baron's dog ended up with Gru

Johnathon W (ag) wrote: Flawed but still enjoyable adaptation of Batman, that while doesn't hold up as well in comparison to the "Dark Knight Trilogy", has a style that can't be denied. Keaton delivers his solid work from the first one but receives mixed support from the cast. Danny DeVito is atrocious as the Penguin, playing him as a disgusting monster over the suave crime boss in the comics, and you never buy he can trick Gotham into voting for him as mayor. Thankfully, Michelle Pfieffer is electrifying as Catwoman, lighting up the screen ever moment she's on it (even her early moments as a bumbling secretary are hilarious). She even livens up Keaton, as the two show nice romantic chemistry and reminds everyone Catwoman is the best love interest for Batman. Behind the camera, Tim Burton crafts a stylized & beautiful version of Batman that improves over the original and makes great use of the Christmas theme (Gotham looks gorgeous in the show). However, the story is inconsistent and goes a bit out there at times (the image of an army of Penguins with rockets on their backs is ridiculous). There is a hint of the supernatural, which is interesting, especially with Catwoman suddenly turning into an acrobatic villain, along with seemingly being unable to die. Plus, Danny Elfman actually improves on his brilliant score from the first film. Overall, a flawed and not accurate Batman film, but enjoyable nonetheless. Plus, this & "Iron Man 3" are the only superhero Christmas movies we got so far.

James S (es) wrote: Great movie, does the collateral damage debate really really well. Lawyers are useless and no one wants to make a decision. Pretty awful.