Undercover Blues

Undercover Blues

When fun-loving American agents Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner are called back from maternity leave for a special assignment in New Orleans, the spy parents decide to skip the sitter and give their bouncing baby girl the adventure of a lifetime. There's nothing to the dumb story about a deadly arms dealer in the Louisiana Bayou, but you'd be hard put to find a friskier pair of doting parents.

The film opens with the story of a husband and his wife of ex-Spies. They travel to New Orleans on maternity and leave with their baby girl. During they are there, they are hassled by muggers, the police and their FBI boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (gb) wrote: Confusing movie when it gets to the animation part. Ending is anticlimactic

Laimis Z (mx) wrote: oh, please. annoying people getting what they deserve. and its not even scary, or shocking for that matter. stupid australians.

Ben H (fr) wrote: A fun little movie from Britain. I enjoyed it.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Awesome and very emotional. A must see Hungarian movie.

Aurelius D (es) wrote: In a world post 911 these kinds of stories really hit home. You have the main character *who played in my favorite mini series "Lost Room" which was the best thing to come form Sci Fi in a life time next to Eureka* as an accountant that starts the movie getting fired. The movie progresses with constant news clips talking about terror threat levels and the general spin the media puts on things to scare people and keep people watching. It isn't long before Terry notices that his neighbor looks out of the ordinary, like he fits the MO of a terrorist. What follows is the common dramatic plot of Terry trying to uncover what is really going on and not be a victim but a hero. It's not exactly unique or ground breaking but the story is an important one and an interesting watch.

Lucas G (fr) wrote: Best Tarantino movie.

Brad C (it) wrote: about as intimate as you can get when it comes to bukowski. which is rare. even a tear or two is shed. his work was simple, and simply brilliant.

Hannah H (au) wrote: Completely insane, mad and funny. Oh, so random

Aaron W (us) wrote: Pyun creates yet another wonderfully low-budget high concept flick and pulls it off with style. Clearly he just wanted a reason for a few dozen people in a contained area to shoot and beat each other with baseball bats for an hour and a half. That reason: because Ice-T wants them to. Hell, the plot may be a bit muddy- something about a "syndicate" getting its massive snitch problem to take care of itself- but the unabashedly exploitative way in which this movie handles itself is exhilarating. Michael Halsey should be in more films.

Mikey P (nl) wrote: happy harry hard on!

Tanner B (de) wrote: King Kong (2005) C-187m. ??? 1/2 D: Peter Jackson. Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Colin Hanks, Andy Serkis. Ambitious film crew (all perfectly cast) make journey to an off-charted island where they meet slimy, gigantic prehistoric creatures--and multistory-sized gorilla. Jackson's treatment of the 1933 classic is a thrill-ride masterpiece; acting, dialogue, direction, production, and score are all exceptionally good. A tremendously respectable and rousing update of the classic '33 film; colorful characters, fresh new story ideas, edge-of-your-seat excitement--including faithfully imaginative "Spider Pit" sequence (an unforgettable scene, like it or not)--and captivating emotion are among ingredients, and they all click. Jackson's finest film to date. Oscars went to sound and special effects' teams. Extended edition runs 201 minutes.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Good early entry in the 'Carry On' series with most of the regular cast - although Kenneth Williams is missing.

Greg W (de) wrote: another lost review:(

Francesco M (de) wrote: All in all the movie is ok. I truly enjoyed the performance of Ian Holm.

Lee M (ag) wrote: A bunch of IQ-challenged characters traipsing through a laughably bad scenario brought to life using silly dialogue, banal direction, and questionable special effects.

Kristi M (it) wrote: A Kristen Movie where she has the same expression...was a good movie though.