Set in rural Ohio, the birthplace of football, UNDERDOGS is the story of a small-town high school football team destined to play their cross-town rival, a perennial powerhouse, while standing up for an entire community.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

A young man named Amadeo sets off on an unexpected adventure with the players of his beloved Foosball game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna H (jp) wrote: When Angels Sing could become the modern day answer to It's a Wonderful Life. It's more than a one tissue movie, but with a definite uplifting and feel good ending. Nick (Willie Nelson) our modern day Clarence befriends cynic Michael (Harry Connick Jr) rivals George Bailey in searching to find out what is really important in life -- like family and building those special memories. Sit back and enjoy the cameo performances of many Austin TX musicians. Let the residents of Live Oak Lane welcome you to their extended family and let's hope that When Angels Sing becomes a perennial holiday favorite for years to come.

Tony L (nl) wrote: A touching sensitive film

Doron S (us) wrote: A great documentary that delivers on the goods, on how we as people just real don't pay attention to the details. The world is a bad place with bad people, and we just unknowingly allow them to trample over the people who want to help.

Mihael T (au) wrote: Eh: Nice footage from places I know (before war). It's well done in craft manner. But story: First ten minutes is incubus. After that is realy is not tempting. But hey, I saw new footage of Sarajevo and Mostar.

Vuk S (es) wrote: Yes, another teen slasher, and no, there is nothing special about it, except for a sexy cast. What else to say? Well, at least other slashers don't have killers who are grown men unable to cope with being rejected by girls at junior prom. Yeah, his heart was broken as a kid (before puberty) and now he's out for revenge. Some people never grow up.

Alec M (es) wrote: This is hands down one of the worst movies that has ever and will ever be made. It climaxed far too early and was nothing but a train wreck sent from hell.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Good western.Follows the life of legendary gunslinger and lawman "Wild Bill" Hickok. Gritty and dark, it explores his motivations, relationships, regrets and inner turmoils. Good character development.On the down side, it does try too hard to contemporise the language and customs in some respects, and loses some focus towards the end.Great performance by Jeff Bridges, but that's a given. Good support from Ellen Barkin and John Hurt. Minor cast includes David Arquette, Christina Applegate, Diane Lane, Keith Carradine and Bruce Dern.

Zachary Y (ca) wrote: great performance from Cage.

Jonan G (au) wrote: Electrifying performances from Isaacs and Chastain. The storytelling was unique, although not the most thrilling.

Anna G (nl) wrote: A total knockout! In an awful way!

Liam C (es) wrote: This movie by comparison to Movie 43 makes that movie look like Shakespeare. Where to even begin with this. You have to know this is going to be bad going in to it and that is the reason I watched it in the first place so I can't really hate on it for not being good, but I had no idea it was going to be THAT bad. The whole APP thing is in the movie makes sense, sort of, for going back from sketch to sketch but besides that it's completely pointless and a total after thought that was probably implemented after everything was said and done to give it some sort of gimmick. The main 4 sketches, sort of, were not good and then there were 3 tacked on one shot things that lasted about 50 seconds. Flirty Harry was probably the only thing that even came close to making me laugh because it was absolutely absurd that Every. Single. Line. That Adrien Brody said was a joke about gay sex, I didn't laugh at it but I was close to, I just had more a look of shock on my face that they managed to write him lines that actually made sense to the 'story' that was going on. Porno Review was stupid, only was on twice and they made a rather off putting joke about Rihanna and Chris Brown, nothing else to really comment in there. Blackass was quite lazy and that already exists, it's a bunch of racial skits that go for shock value and some of them are fun to watch in a way just to see where they go and how stupid they get but there were WAY too many of them. The worst offender is the Amazing Racist, not even for the fact he was racist it's just how painfully unfunny and annoying the host is, anytime he was on the screen I just wanted to knock his damn lights out, all of it was hidden camera stuff but it felt like it was scripted to be hidden camera if that makes sense. It felt like it was supposed to be the random hidden camera skit where people on the street see a man do something in public he shouldn't but the way that some of the people reacted to what he was doing seemed totally unreal, I doubt an Asian car driver would put up with having tape on their head to 'open their eyes more' it was nice to see someone beat the hell out of him in one of the final skits. I have no idea why this was funded or why it was made. You have the damn shamwow guy directing a 'comedy' that probably had way more money put into it than it should have and they must have known that they weren't going to get their money back, it didn't even make a million in the box office, it was a critical failure and wasn't even screened for critics. So who the hell was this movie made for? I understand the point of offensive humor, I do, it's there to just be offensive and get a reaction out of you but this really wasn't trying and just did jokes that were funny like 15 years ago. But there are just some things you don't joke about, again, the Rihanna getting beaten up by Chris Brown? Really? That's not on and the KKK is just a NO GO area. The only positive I can think of is that the intro and outro music was good and the outtakes in the credits were okay at best but that's about it. I wish I could go back and give Movie 43 more than half a star now, because I'm going to give this exactly the same. Awful movie.

Todd S (kr) wrote: In a recent Ultimate Movie Review Twitter Poll, I asked you what your favorite James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig was and you chose Skyfall. For me this was a hard choice, because Daniel Craig seems as though he was born to play James Bond. All the films he's done have been fantastic, but I can see why Skyfall won. This film stands out for many reasons, most importantly it gives us a rare look into the childhood of James Bond and for the rarest of moments we see Bond scared and on the edge of possibly giving up, but you know how the story ends, he's James Bond. If you missed Skyfall, the film is like many other stories, where an old enemy reappears, but in this case, the enemy isn't looking for world domination, he's looking for revenge against his former employers, the British Government and in particular the Double 0 program. Bond films are often times so similar that we tend to rate them based on the villain and the song, well, the song doesn't get better than the gem produced by Adele, but what about Javier Bardem? He is an Academy Award winner and for good cause, this dude was one of the scarier Bond villains to come around in a long time. The others in the Craig Bond movies were some pretty bad guys, who had done some horrible things, but no one was what anyone would call truly scary, not like the villains used to be. Bardem had that special something though, that not only made him a bad guy, but that kind of bad guy that can make audiences cringe. The Bottom Line, Skyfall wasn't my pick, but it was a close second, as this was probably the most personal and emotional Bond film perhaps in the entire series. Daniel Craig is still very much at his best, Javier Bardem is a villain who will always rank in the top ten, and who better to sing a bond theme than Adele. Wheather or not you picked Skyfall, there is no question that it is one of those Bond films that won't ever be forgotten.

Russell S (us) wrote: With the retelling of the origin story, plus the rest of the plot, this was always going to be a lengthy movie. Nevertheless, everything works well and the chemistry between the leads is a definite plus. With good action, romance and well implemented cgi this movie is better than many give it credit for. The 3D feels like a bit of an afterthought though and is largely a waste of time.

Aj V (mx) wrote: I love this movie, it's so fun, and Vincent Price is in it too. It's hilariously silly, and makes fun of both the "Beach" movies and Price's horror movies at the time as well, while making fun of itself a bit too. I highly recommend it.