Underwater Impressions

Underwater Impressions


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Joe P (de) wrote: This movie is bad and everyone involved with it should feel bad.

Matthew M (nl) wrote: A fun and dazzling adaptation of a classic tale, Oz The Great and Powerful works as both a stand alone introduction as well as a prequel to the classic 1939 film - that only suffers from being somewhat overlong and a weak Mila Kunis performance.

Daniel D (us) wrote: Stalone um assassino profissional que cai em uma cilada e seu parceiro morto, sendo que ele faz uma parceria com um policial, porm ambos com dois ps atrs e sempre um salvando a vida do outro pra compensar... no final mata todo mundo e descobrem que os criminosos estavam pagando toda a cidade pra desviar dinheiro...

matheus c (de) wrote: Raunchier than I thought it would be, it's ultra campy but that doesn't excuse the movies' many, many flaws.

laurel (ca) wrote: haha...laugh out loud..loved it

Akash S (ca) wrote: So mediocre. The movie is trying so hard to make you feel something, but fails miserably. Other than Shabana Azmi, who brilliantly gets into the shoes of the character, no one else in the movie knows how to act.

John R (es) wrote: Quaint, and at times, comical.

Adam S (us) wrote: depressing, but shows you the value of a simple bike to the urban poor in the developing world

Peter B (us) wrote: Was this satire, really? Reads more like a script for Fox news!

Robert R (es) wrote: As imaginative and endearing as it is, there is a certain safe quality to "Finding Neverland's" stamp on the Oscar-bait/biopic sub-genre. Still, one can't help but be charmed by the brilliant imagery and lasting thematic messages spun about by the film's brilliant cast members. Without a doubt, "Finding Neverland" is a triumphant love letter to the lasting power of creativity and that warm feeling of knowing what it truly means to be a kid.

Larissa P (it) wrote: It's a pity this movie was discarded, I thought it had the best: Clint Eastwood's sensitive directing and DiCaprio's brave acting.

Chris C (gb) wrote: so much talent wasted and chewing scenery....makes it obvious that Will and Elizabeth were the heart of the first 3.....

Terri J (it) wrote: Not as good as the first but still loved it.