Moemi is not overly pleased when Yukio brings home a couple of turtles to keep her company. Their lives seem reasonably happy until she has her braces removed, and Yukio finds kissing her less satisfying. She soon starts tying up everything in her sight with knotted twine, starting with the turtles. A psychiatrist diagnoses "Obsessive Knot-Binding Syndrome" due to deficiencies in her relationship with Yukio. Moemi continues to expand her activities, tying herself in knots with cords stretching across the apartment. The doctor tells Yukio that her illness has reached a critical point, and that he should tie her up that evening. This he proceeds to do, with her encouraging him to bind her more and more. Where will this end?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:47 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Undo 1994 full movies, Undo torrents movie

Moemi is not overly pleased when Yukio brings home a couple of turtles to keep her company. Although Yukio works at home as a writer, Moemi feels neglected and desired a dog or a cat, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke E (nl) wrote: thought provoking and well directed

Florence (au) wrote: Geirr (Fridtjov Sheim) um amargurado paraltico com fixao em armas que gosta de ver filmes de guerra, fumar erva, ouvir Johnny Cash, se auto-medicar e beber uns copos. Com seu cabelo comprido anos 70 e o seu negativismo, Geirr parece um daqueles veteranos de guerra do Vietn. A cadeira de rodas um elemento novo em sua vida e na de sua mulher, Ingvild (Kirsti Eline Torhaug), ao qual ainda no se adaptaram convenientemente. Numa forma desesperada de salvar a relao, ela convida um grupo de apoio local liderado por Tori (Kjersti Holmen) que, juntamente com outros aleijados, vo casa do casal pregar as regras do positivismo e da boa-disposio.

kyo 9 (ru) wrote: Splendid!I really respect Korean's movie..it shows a lot of spirit and realistic in the movies..one of the best war movies ever!

Armando P (kr) wrote: Will Smith playing Will Smith

Uwe S (br) wrote: Nach Adams ?pfel die beste Komdie :-)

Cath F (fr) wrote: This a movie that I remember from when I was little, and I also remember the series that later followed. I used to watch it all the time, and I used to love watching it come on everyday! It always made me wonder what it would be like if that could actually happen to somebody where their life is dedicated to saving all of space.

Delores S (au) wrote: another Patrick film

Charles B (es) wrote: Very good, although Henry II gets on one's nerves with his emotive struggles.

Nicki M (br) wrote: The full five star rating for this one as it is a movie I loved when I was about 11 and Madonna was my all time favorite singer (that changed two albums in when she became crap, but anyhow, at this stage she could do no wrong). This is the perfect role for Madonna - I guess because she pretty much plays herself. A bit obnoxious, and willing to use her sexuality to get her own way (I never realized how much of this movie she spends in her bra until I re watched it last night. Rosanna Arquette, also perfect here. She is the more relatable character of the two. Still very attractive, but lacking Susan's confidence, which I guess it's so great that it ends as it does. Won't go on too much as I am sure most people have seen this one by now, but if you haven't, it is pretty much the ultimate chick flick and full of great 80's fashions to top it off.