Une folle envie

Une folle envie


Yann and Rose are young, they love and want to have a child. Nine months later ... still no baby in sight. They then show great imagination and try everything ... no matter what it is. But they wish so hardly to be three that, is not likely they finish all alone? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tami S (de) wrote: Brainless action. Good fun.

James H (ca) wrote: Bland romantic comedy, not as funny as it should be and with too many uninteresting characters. The writing is only fair for the most part, but occasionally it scores.

Jessica M (us) wrote: Horrible. The animation is ugly and the story is BORING to say the least. And the skunk's rap song is the worst song I ever had.

Scott M (mx) wrote: I love this movie was well done

Noname (es) wrote: Great movie with a bit of mafia style. *Thumbs up*

Ty P (gb) wrote: This film is a disrespectful disgrace, and should be genocided from the face of this planet. The first film was dark, sexy, witting and ultimately cool. This uses the same lines, however presents them in the shittest, lowest manner possible. Personally I'd love to see this film ultimately destroyed, the actors who played in taken out and executed, and anyone who ever saw it, to have their memories erased. This really is that bad and one of the only films I could not stnad to see how it played out.

Andreas C (br) wrote: Tootsie ripoff, but still hilarious

Michael W (ru) wrote: Fire in the Sky asks the question if you saw a U F O or your friend was abducted by a U F O would you tell anyone? A group of loggers have one of their crew abducted and they told the authorities. The answer to the U F O question if one answers yes this will happen: The Sheriff thought one of the members killed the Travis character and the characters faced town ridicule! Fire in the Sky is a well acted and directed film of the groups mentioned ordeal. I would answer "no" to the movie's question after watching Fire in the Sky. Not the greatest film ever made. However, Fire in the Sky's story sticks out in my mind. Worth watching. Three out of five stars.

Jake C (de) wrote: Good movie with a good message.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Joan Collins and the captain from CHiPs running for their lives from giant radioactive ants. What's not to love about this film! And of course a film about giant ants would have it's thrilling climax at a sugar mill. Pretty entertaining nature-gone-wild film, but somehow I doubt the HG Welles story it's based upon was quite as silly.

Chris B (es) wrote: Remembering this film from watching it as a child I thought it was better than it was. All of the characters seem to be holding back, like they know this is a b movie premise but by Disney. The slapstick isn't as good as I remember. One of the only redeeming features is the sad scene where the robot gets bashed in as it is genuinely moving and shocking that the character isn't revived somehow.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A film I had heard so much about & once finally getting around too it....I was less than impressed.It had some good dialogue scenes here & there but the film was dull & lacked interest.Mickey Rourke was by far the stand our he truly is a great actor. But the film just got bland quickly & just seemingly went nowhere.

Karen T (mx) wrote: The first hour was terrible with only about 20 minutes at the end that was worth watching. The action in the end was very good but I don't think it was worth going through whole thing before hand.

Candace G (mx) wrote: The Rotten Tomatometer gave this one a 100% positive rating!