Une visite au Louvre

Une visite au Louvre


A visit to the Louvre in Paris commentated by an actor reading Cézanne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Une visite au Louvre torrent reviews

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Rick R (nl) wrote: Los Bandoleros (2009)This isn't really a true movie, but it's a short that was included in the extras section of the BlueRay version of the "Fast and Furious" DVD. Not many know that Vin Diesel has dabbled in screen writing and film making himself and this gave him an opportunity to put something together while he was hanging out in the Dominican Republic where the beginning of Fast and Furious was filmed.I guess that it is sort of meant as a back-story, where Dominic Toretto (Diesel) is in hiding before his crew starts showing up for the infamous triple trailer gas tanker heist. We are familiarized with the people of the Dominican Republic. It surprisingly has more detail about Han Lu (Sung Kang) about how they met. It also has some more about the latin characters who are part of the gang, who just sort of show up in this movie and the next. There's some great scenes where Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) shows up and her and Dom get reacquainted.

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John M (gb) wrote: Excellent documentary that discusses Shakespeare and one of his most famous plays, "Richard III." Through discussion and staging scenes from the play, Pacino and crew give us a layman's view on the Bard and his masterworks!

Greg B (jp) wrote: Not the best Bronson movie, but I really liked it. Interesting, although a bit hard to buy into, story. Actor performances carry the movie.

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