Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Two old friends meet each other 10 years after they spent summers vacations together when they were young. He was secretly in love with her.

Joseph and Helen, who had been boyfriends, there meeting some years later and fall madly in love again, but now the two are married. His hard and clandestine love story addition is determined by the circumstances of the times in which they have lived: the last years of the Franco regime and the beginning of the transition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niki G (ru) wrote: Fantastic story, well acted and nerdy. A small crew is tasked with the job of writing a dictionary in a time of burgeoning technology, Added fun seeing this with my husband, who is learning Japanese. It's his favorite film of the fest.

Stephen H (br) wrote: It's not a documentary and that's alright. Not a big fan really of Michael Cera or Charlyne Yi, but they are pretty charming here.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Remember the Beatles, the seminal, and ultimately overpowering, European response to American rock and roll?) Well if you wanna remember 'em some more, then this is right up yer alley, because they allowed George Martin's son (!!!) to remix the original music (and Cirque de Soliel to choreograph some moves) just so's you can remember again. I thought the recooked Harrison song "Within You, Without You" worth the admission price alone ... the other stuff not so much.

Jens S (br) wrote: Has the heart at the right spot and comes with fine acting performances, especially by the great Molina and then-newcomer Mulligan but lacks a bit of punch. The plot burbles along without any major highlights until the final revelation. That's somewhat charming but also, sorry, a bit boring.

Kristina K (ca) wrote: I probably had to watch kidulthood first... well, I didn't know abut it before I've seen this one. I the sequel is so amazing, I can imagine how great the original is.Noel Clarke might be one of my favorite director/actors now. Brilliant movie from the beginning to the ed. Very likable characters, very good scenario. Loved it. Looking forward to watching more of his movies.

mike h (us) wrote: Best fucking movie on the planet right now for me. I love this motherfucking movie, I love films about the process and this is a newest greatest one around right now. Its fucking awesome, everyone in this, is so fucking amazing. I am glad to see Hurley and Tilly back in action in something of a masterpiece in this genre. I wish they both made more films. Tilly should be doing Russ Meyer remakes, she is such a great badass actor, and I love watching her, and should do the Faster Pussycat kill Kill remake, shes perfect for one of the leads. I am going to watch this movie 1000 times, its never going to get old. This is film is like actually being on set, location, and working on the film. This is one of the best films for anyone to see, who has ever wanted to know whats its like to be on a film, but has never had a chance too. Love everyone in this film and everyone who made it, thank you for a wonderful film, and for adding more sunshine into my world and everyone else who gets too see the magic you have been on film.

Gina D (mx) wrote: Predictable, just if you don't have anything else to watch.

Melissa W (ca) wrote: Really great story and inspiring spiritual philosophy. Mediocre acting though, except for Kretschmann; he's good.

Aaron P (nl) wrote: A solid biopic, detailing the origins of the punk group, The Germs, and its enigmatic singer, Darby Crash.

Mitchell B (ag) wrote: Great movie really funny and such a good story

Jordan P (au) wrote: Though it's unabashedly vulgar and profane, Scary Movie is nevertheless a gut-busting takedown of popular horror movie moments, recreating key scenes with clever references, goofy slapstick gags, gleeful irreverence and genuine suspense that walks a fine line between guffaws and chills.

Ma T (de) wrote: it's a very beautiful movie...

Lesley N (nl) wrote: Japanese businessman reluctantly travels through wintery Iceland to perform burial ceremony for dead parents. Its a good premise - road rip with extra Icelandic-Japanese culture clash- the scenery is stunning, the lead actor plays a nice mixture of confusion and adaption, and there's a cameo by Seijun Suzuki as the wise old grandfather. Downsides are too many quirky characters popping up along the way, each out-quirking the previous, and too many repetitions of the music & funeral motifs, just in case you missed them the first half a dozen times. The scenery is stunning though.

Anthony M (gb) wrote: Its a film essentially about a guy whos a Dreamer,bit of an innocent,lives in a 1950s fantasy world,with his head in the clouds,and his feet in the past(hense his suede shoes).He meets a girl,who may not be his dream girl,but offers him a deasant future.quirky dream sequences,great guitar soundtrack.one of Brad Pitts most underated,if not best performances.

Dick M (it) wrote: Lemmon and Remmick give Oscar-worthy performances.

Michael W (it) wrote: Eerily similar plot to 1977 Bronson/Ireland entry "Love And Bullets" with Bronson forced to protect Ireland, who he dislikes, from a hit. No one will ever accuse the Golan-Globus production team of originality.

Glen O (nl) wrote: This is an entertaining British whodunit with a very witty script ("That's what you call laughing gas isn't it?" "Oh yes but it's the impurities that cause the laughs." "Oh just like our Music Halls.") Two murders and an attempted third in a British hospital during WWII, five suspects (including Trevor Howard) and one very eccentric Scotland Yard detective (played deliciously by Alistair Sim) make a recipe for a great night in. Get it cheap with two other films in Beyond Entertainment's Classic Matinee Triple Bill of lost gems from the Rank Organisation's back catalogue.

Chris P (it) wrote: Will probably be appreciated by only fanboys...and fan-girls too, I guess.

Ryan K (kr) wrote: This movie is so bad and so dumb that it can be entertaining while with friends...or a messed up porno film.

Al F (it) wrote: A movie even Angelina Jolie wants to forget about...