Julia moves in with her fiancé, David, but his ex-wife and her own haunting past join forces to rock her quiet suburban existence.

A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Unforgettable torrent reviews

Linda Y (gb) wrote: ''...what matters is not what is written on the page,what matters is what is written in the heart...''

Mark H (ag) wrote: this movie is a lot of fun, but heavy too.

Steve M (mx) wrote: Pretty much what I expected from a low budget horror flick. Cheesy characters and no scares. Though it wasn't as awful as some movies I've seen

Jasmine C (nl) wrote: Entertaining and different take on a love story. Very Good.

Tim R (br) wrote: Grotesque over the top Lynchian lunacy. I loved it and hated that I loved it.

Ran L (fr) wrote: This was kinda boring, but the ending was really disturbing. Hauntingly disturbing.

Rohini K (es) wrote: Gave it one star as there is no option as a 'zero star'...

Jason C (nl) wrote: Bravura performance from Jude Law matched with Falstaffian characterisation and dialogue leads to this being far above the average post-jail cash-collection/revenge thriller.

Sean Truthbetold T (br) wrote: meow. some great quotes in this movie. How about the lady on the porch saying, "There is no answers- only searching"

Ron B (gb) wrote: John Cusack will drudge along, putting out four or five mainstream movies, but then will put out a piece of pure gold... this is that gold. This is a masterful film that portrays things in ways you wouldn't think, and goes to the thoughts of many historians: what if Hitler had been an artist?Now, this movie isn't historically accurate, but focuses on a lot of real people, and some of the interactions they had. Arguably, one of Cusack's best roles, and Noah taylor's turn as a young Hitler is amazing. This is a must see for anyone.