A middle-aged writer is looking for a quiet retreat; a slightly younger female estate agent gives him details of a house a close to Venice.

A crime writer living in Venice while working on his new novel meets and soon marries his real-estate agent. Relocated to a remote house on Sant'Erasmo Island, his obsession with his wife's daily whereabouts takes a dark turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Unforgivable torrent reviews

Galvy F (jp) wrote: When all we see and others see that we are the bad guy. When we see we dont get everything else the hood guy gets, we see life is no fair. When what we see is a change when we see our selves deserving of somethings, but others dont see it. When we see we do so many things wrong, to make others see it differently when it's an accident, to make others see it typical when we are the bad guy and that's what we do, to make others see that belong other places besides our places when it's only for the good guys. When we see the hood guys get it too good with friends, fame and fortune to see we are deserving. When we just see we are and outcast that needs to leave what everyone sees to be some thing else when we see things too late. When we see somethings we are in when our world is big to see we are full of characters whom we and others see good and bad. When some people that see us what others dont see, they like us. When we see we are in need of a makeover to see others have it harder then we do. When somethings are not the same when we font see some people there where they ought to be to see it goes not work with anybody else beside them. When we see that we can come back from places to change more than what people see, when it's a hero they can see we are and celebrate. When we see we are in a different place we font belong to see people we don't normally see. When we see we got in without being seen to see we remain and hide. When all we wished to see ourselves in is a winner when we see don't belong and not wanted that prevents us from seeing that. When what we need to see we need to get rid when others don't want to see it here.When what we need to see through we agree. When we see others whom dont belong have made away home and unseen when they are able be part of game without anyone seeing it differently. When we created a system to see for us, when we can't allow anything else from entering and seeing their way into places they don't belong. When what we see we duplicate and add ourselves to be seen when it's the only way for everyone to see us.When we see we are all full things we wished to see ourselves in to see to it we are. When we see don't belong in some places, when we are created differently to not belong in what others whom created this world to see. When we need to save those whom we want to continue seeing we do when we like seeing them. When we see that we must crush some people's dreams to see they listen and stay. When we see we are all part of a greater plan and program to see we belong and others dont, to know where we go safely and others get lost. When we see that some glitches are welcome when they are programed in, when others are not. When we see we are stuck in some places to see another way out. When all we wish to see and be is seen as a good guy and friend in someone's eyes to see that all matters. When we see eye to eye with some people we wished to see to save them. When we see whom some people really are when we see right through them to see we are good friends.When we see our ways in how we see and treat people wrong to see we too change our ways. When we see we got it good after all when we like seeing what we see when we are finally seen.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: Pacino & Mirren are excellent in this compelling drama.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Deeply moving film that could only fail to touch those whose soul is dead. What enables us to empathize even more is that this film is told from the point of view of several families, one nurse who is not Jewish and most of all from the POV of the children of these families. Films such as this one should remind us that horrors happening to children in war are not just a WWII phenomenon, but that the fate of child soldiers today is even more psychologically damaging than death in the gas chambers.

Mike C (au) wrote: Ewww, a botched product on a good premise. How does that happen? Ricky is a little French baby with wings, born to two people who work in a chemical factory. Interesting enough premise, and great use of the word Ricky which sounds just awesome in French. But beyond that, a pretty lackluster movie and one that actually put me to sleep (which they all seem to do these days). As Ebert pointed out, everything is just too subdued. It's a friggin baby with wings! In the trailer, I thought the baby was some kind of angel. As much as I don't believe in that, it would make for a fairly interesting movie. Instead, the baby seems to have real, biological wings. Is it from the chemical plant? No one seems to wonder or care in the movie. Needless to say, a baby with bird wings makes for far less drama than a baby who is an angel. Factor in his moth-like addiction to light, and I'm scratching my head as to what in the hell is wrong with this little baby dude. In the end, I'm not sure what the point is. Some suggest it is dealing with loss. If so, even that is handled with little emotion. The only emotion in the movie is when the baby flies through the supermarket and some people ooh and aah a little bit. It's like many French movies I've seen...a little flat in the production and acting. Sad to see such a decent premise wasted.

Antti Q (it) wrote: The title pretty much sums it up.

Alex V (us) wrote: Great story with superb acting but the ending just felt sudden and flat, kind of ruined it for me to be honest but still worth watching

Pouyan S (gb) wrote: One of the best pictures ever made!A depiction of man and its roots in nature!A must see.

n b (it) wrote: Chabrol always surpise me, her Muse Isabelle is always at the top. ,Huppert as Judge CHARMANT KILLMAN with red gloves matching with a fashionable red bag is a new iconic Chabrol Image.If you know the world of director Claude chabrol & isabelle Huppert this is a must have, for many could seem boring, it is a tricky plot, seems simple but it is amaizingly powerful & ironic.only for smart people...

Roi (au) wrote: hayati ferzanin filmlerinde gibi yasamak istiyorummm

sab p (ag) wrote: caught this on TV and watched it til the end. mostly cuz it was interesting seeing john candy, james belushi, and george hamilton as their younger selves. and i'm a sucker for old movies.

Noah C (jp) wrote: I find it difficult to care about an ANNOYINGLY liberal, white, middle-class family stuck between offensively cliched caractertures of rural town folks and an opaque representation of a pretty cool mythological creature. The film is further affected, negatively, by the fact that the son is played by the same child actor who plays 'Dewey' on televion's "Malcolm in the Middle." I found myself waiting for him to say something funny. Unfortunately that never happens...Some of the camera work is quite good and interesting, though.

Duncan S (gb) wrote: A man tries to convince a well off couple that their daughter is the reincarnation of his dead daughter. It may look a little dated now, but there are scenes that still pack a punch

Aj V (ag) wrote: I saw this drama on TV a long time ago, I thought it was pretty boring for the most part, but it seemed a pretty realistic view of teenage girls. Plus, there are a bunch of stars in this, so it's an okay movie.

Stephanie H (it) wrote: love this movie its so awesome!!!!! ;))))

Carrie T (nl) wrote: The Purge tries and fails to make a satire film by not only using wrong plot points, but also taking itself way to seriously, making it bland and utterly annoying to watch.