The young factory girl Milja comes in disaster on board fishing with Julius, who fails her for the beautiful and unreliable Petrina. The people from the bourgeoisie despise factory girls and their bastard, they are vile and promiscuous. In his despair will Milja give away the kid for it to get a better life than she can provide it. But Onsea-Lovisa ready to change her opinion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:121 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ungen 1974 full movies, Ungen torrents movie

Den unge fabrikkjenta Milja kommer i uløkka med Julius, som svikter henne for den vakre og upålitelige Petrina. Menneskene fra borgerstanden ser med forakt på fabrikkjentene og løsungene ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ungen torrent reviews

Beth F (us) wrote: I had a strong feeling this entire movie that I was supposed to think it was cool and artsy, but it felt more like a weird Rom Com. I really enjoyed Elizabeth Olsen's performance though!

Don S (it) wrote: Technically, this is a poor movie. The acting is terrible, the effects are laughably bad - especially the shark when it is out of water - and the story is hopelessly unbelievable. So, the rating when compared to other films is low. However, as I've said before I enjoy B-movies, and movies don't get much more B than this. If you don't take it seriously (and really how could you?) and just go with the flow, you might find yourself laughing along with the actors who didn't take it seriously and having a good time. (When rated against other B-movies: 3.5 stars)

Russell G (au) wrote: The Invisible Man leads a team of whiny bitches to the lost world. The lost world ends up being full of giant day-glo spiders and even gianter (sp?) lizards with fins stuck on their backs to make them look more like dinosaurs. These lizards fight like holy fuck too, and if you think this movie sounds shitty, your just a big dummy. And why the does 70-% of the movies I watch have no or shitty poster art? FLIXTER!! Fix it up please!

R F (es) wrote: Boring wanted to fall asleep

Wong C (nl) wrote: its hard to finish watching this movie. help...

Tom H (kr) wrote: This film is both contextual to life as and when shot, and yet prepares you right from the start!

Jordan J (mx) wrote: Best movie I've ever not seen

Justin F (ru) wrote: Despite the movie's bad acting, awkward plot jumps, stretches of blandness and syrupy sentiment out the wazoo, 'Big Wednesday' is really rather touching. Maybe that's because youth oftentimes is a mix of the bad, the awkward, the bland and the sentimental?

Naomi G (ru) wrote: A cute play-on-words name that is almost stripperish, Pam Anderson reportedly was tattooed with barb wire tattoos on her arms to honor her movie. I try to think of a situation that is analogous and only the Last Supper by Da Vinci comes to mind. In the case of Barb Wire, a somewhat deeper analogy must be made, deeper as in really, really, really, really bad. Obviously oriented towards men who don't get out of the house much, the strong female character Pam Anderson tries to bring to life might be appealing to girls wanting to see one of their own kind giving the guys the stick.It's the story of a woman living in a dystopian civilization and how she runs amok of the grand poobah of that society who, along with his lackies, dress as later day fascists. That seems to be the plot, but what the movie is really about is Pam Anderson doing her best to convince men everywhere to watch a sequel she hopes will go in production or maybe sell some calenders, or something, who knows where a movie like this will take you. Instead of doing all that, Barb Wire had the opposite effect on her career.The Hollywood guys looking at the contract for the movie must have thought it had all of the right elements, not reading the script carefully was their first mistake. It's a simple story that was the sole sustenance of most Italian Mad Max ripoffs, and by now it is very tired.Barb wire reminds me a bit of Barbarella, as a matter of fact maybe Barb Wire's full name is Barbarella Wire, getting back on track, Pam Anderson, if you can believe it, has the same problem Jane Fonda had in Barbarella: she isn't sexy enough to overcome the movie's other faults.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Beginning to like that Mads Mikkelsen Actor ! A let's take revenge movie in the Wild West . Good stuff

Mark B (ca) wrote: written by bruce lee and made after his death. circle of iron as pointed out by my brother reminds me of " el topo" a martial artist travels around fighting masters to become enlightened