Two reporters working for the same magazine are sent to Texas to investigate a string of UFO sightings. As they investigate two distinct theories begin to develop. Both reporters are driven to prove their own theory, but in the end only one can be right.

Two reporters investigate a series of UFO sightings and discover a supernatural connection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey B (de) wrote: The scene with the van is just great and obnoxious. A mighty fine comedy right here.

Tio B (us) wrote: To some viewers, this will seem more "beat-off" than "off-beat," but Downey Sr. is in top form, Downey Jr. is insane, Dempsey is incredible, Milano is funny and hot, and Moriarty is funny and MILF-hot.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Long before Survivor there was this real-life story of two people choosing to spend a year alone on an island. The best thing about this was Amanda Donohoe spending half the time naked.

Bobby K (br) wrote: It can at moments be a hard film to sit through with its unflinching protrayl of a country shot to Hell, but Salvador is a hard hitting politcal critique and an emotional drama that will take your breath away.

Lee M (it) wrote: As a comedy of manners it has a dependably keen aim, with its most wicked barbs leavened by Mr. Mazursky's obvious fondness for his characters.

Michael P (gb) wrote: Haven't see this since I was a kid. Found it on Netflix Streaming. Woo hoo!

Nirav P (de) wrote: A movie about journalism, corruption, and what it takes to guide the heart to continue. Dilip Kumar and Anil Kapoor are amazing in this awesome movie about life in Bombay.

Dave R (mx) wrote: this blew me away - i couldn't believe it was made in 1974! it seems like the prototype for the slew of later "buddy cop" movies. if you like lethal weapon and those type of movies you'll like this i think.

Francisco V (nl) wrote: What a wonderful chemistry between James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo. It was definitely a great generation of actors.

Dion D (nl) wrote: Laugh-out-loud moments set against a very, very standard (and obvious) plot.

Frances H (gb) wrote: Woody Allen has for some time been fascinated with murder, a subject he treated in Crimes and Misdemeanors. and Manhattan Murder Mystery. Here he takes it on a different setting and mixes it with another fascination, philosophy, which he gave an excellent comedic treatment in Love and Death. Unlike Crimes and Misdemeanors, the murderer here does not commit the crime for selfish reasons that benefit himself, but for what he feels is the "greater good," removing a corrupt man to let justice triumph. However "pure" his original motives may have been, he only committed the murder because he felt he could get away with it, and when he is faced with being found out, he is willing to commit murder of an innocent person to keep himself out of paying the price of his crime. This fact is probably the reason he doesn't get away with it, unlike the miscreant in Crimes and Misdemeanors. But I still feel Allen's true forte is comedy, which is what his best received films have always had in common.