Harry and Beth wanted a different kind of holiday so they chartered a boat to drop them off on a remote coral island on the Great Barrier Reef. The island was idyllic, surrounded by a wide reef, covered in palms and full of birds and other wildlife. It was small and totally deserted or so they thought. But when things go missing from their camp site and they discover someone else's footprints in the sand this quickly becomes disturbing as they realize the island has a ghost! Inspired by actual events.

A young couple go to a remote and deserted coral island for a camping holiday, only to find that the island is inhabited by a ghost seeking retribution for a past outrage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Uninhabited torrent reviews

Nichole H (nl) wrote: Beautifully done acting.. great cast... Reviting storyline.. I very much enjoyed this film.

Nathan A (au) wrote: Gritty, violent but surprisingly spiritual.

Steve S (ag) wrote: boring, punctuated by a couple alright action scenes. music made it lame as well

SV G (kr) wrote: A low budget Indy with a star studded cast as led by Kris Kristopherson, this adaption of the Howard Frank Mosher Novel moved along a little too slowy at times, however the performances were good ones, the filmography was just beautiful and this story of New England whiskey runners in and out of Canada circa the early 1930s is worth the watch.

Dustin J (gb) wrote: give the sports movies a rest for a minute,

Tophee C (jp) wrote: Medem's first film. A true work of art. Slightly (and unnecessarily) confusing at times, but very rewarding, especially when viewed from a cow's standpoint. :)

Cliff M (mx) wrote: Tense, adrenaline pumping moments, with nothing but pity for one and fear of the other. The sugary sweet turns very sour. Misery indeed loves company.

Cameron K (mx) wrote: You remember that movie Gamer? Imagine that film pulled through on half of its potential. Avalon's probably comes closer to embodying the spirit of Tarkovsky's science-fiction masterworks Stalker and Solaris than anything else last decade, with it's extraordinarily long takes and grimy atmosphere (things I relish, but others may be bored out of their skulls by). Oddly enough, this is a Polish production directed by anime veteran Mamoru Oshii. Put in a complete low-budget arthouse context, any extraneous commercial elements are gone. As such, it's much closer in spirit to Ghost in the Shell 2 than Ghost in the Shell 1.

Austin F (it) wrote: 70% Those who are interested in other movies they see on the review list would not be interested in Blue Jasmine. But even they can't deny that the movie boasts a powerful cast and balances well between charming and dramatic moments.

Cedric L (it) wrote: The Golden Globes are such snobs to ignore this.

Gil S (ag) wrote: hunter s. thompson was truely a weirdo. and he and depp managed 2 collab 4 another weird movie.