Unit 7

Unit 7

Angel, a young intelligent and kind, aims to be a police inspector. Rafael instead is an expeditious, forceful and arrogant policeman. Meanwhile, Miguel and Mateo are part of Group 7, a group of rogue cops ready to do anything to achieve their goals.

UNIT 7 has a tough assignment: to clean the most dangerous drug trafficking networks out of the city and bring an end to the corrosive power that has taken hold of the streets... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (us) wrote: Somehow Chromeskull survived the first movie and works with a crew supposedly, led by Brian Austin Green.They try to add so much story and less killing.The story is pretty lame and doesn't necessarily always make sense.Like the first film though it does have very creative death scenes that are overly violent.

Cylus O (es) wrote: Extracted tried to be an inception and failed......there was some potential but due to many limitations it wasn't realized.

Jason D (kr) wrote: It's just fantastic. It's NOT just a cheap money making scam to promote LeBron, its really well made and its incredibly inspiring

DC F (nl) wrote: It had an awesome title and cover so I thought it might be good! And was I ever wrong!!! It was boring and full of long dialog that didn't even pertain to the film. Very poorly acted and in fact, I only rate it as high as I did for the cover art and film's scenery.

Adam A (mx) wrote: Please somebody: Clean up this unfunny, milked out, steereotypical, racist mess! Not you Cedric "The Entertainer".

Geoffrey W (gb) wrote: Donner fantastic Direction,Bruce Wills fair play - role was perfect for him great casting, Mos Def for a role that wills wanted ludacris for; was magic. That accent he used was pretty annoying but played well for the character. 4 stars well deserved

Ken T (nl) wrote: OMG...This was the most horrible piece of film ever created. DMX, don't quit your day job, even though the CD sales have gone down.

Todd S (ca) wrote: I'm not one for romantic comedies, but I was a huge fan of That 70s show, and wanted to see if Topher Grace's movie roles were really worth leaving the show for, and needless to say, I was unimpressed. The film centers around three friends working in the grocery store of a small town. They are big movie fans and the girls love Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel), the hottest new star in Hollywood. Hamilton has the looks, but his reputation isn't so good. To fix this, his people come up with the idea of a contest, where the winner get a date with Hamilton and hence the name of the film. Josh Duhamel stars and really shouldn't do comedy. He may have been terrific in the show Las Vegas, but he just isn't believable in a comedic role. As for Topher Grace, he plays this whiny, love struck, jealous friend of Kate Bosworth, and he wasn't really that funny either. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton seemed like someones attempt at making a Woody Allen film and ultimately they failed. This film just tries too hard and gets to a point where it isn't funny. It lacks all the subtle, intelligent humor of a Woody Allen film, not to mention the plot is kind of cheesy. There is a lot to look at in this movie for both men and women, but beyond that, it's really not worth your time.

Janette H (de) wrote: Another German film and very very long but I really enjoyed it.

Tyler J (ag) wrote: I found it kind of hard to believe that a little kid of about nine was Colonel compared to all those other adults. A little confusing too.

ken j (nl) wrote: A monkey type monster falls inlove with a blind girl who in return thinks he is just a big dog of cause this monkey has been terrorizing the neighborhood and once he kidnaps the girl things finally go to far cause now the army is finally after him and aims to bring this bad monkey down. One of the earlier films of John Landis is also not a bad one this of course is made as a spoof and some of the jokes fall flat but its a goofy good time for anyone that wants to check it out.

Bruno P (nl) wrote: 3 hours of utter nonsense that amount to a dance number. it's a waste of time!

Rob L (ag) wrote: The movie would be good if Shelley Winters wasn't so damn annoying. A young De Niro really helps this though, you can see the star he would become in this movie.

James C (de) wrote: 1111111111111111111111111111111111