United Passions

United Passions

An epic, untold story that brings to life the inspiring saga of the World Cup and the three determined men who created it. Driven by their vision and passion, three men, overcame their doubts and fought obstacles and scandals to make the World Cup a reality. Spanning the tumultuous 20th Century, this timeless saga celebrates the event that became the most popular sporting event in the world.

The saga of the World cup and the three determined men who created it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter N (au) wrote: I've never been much of a John Wayne fan, always preferring the darker anti-hero take on westerns, most famously provided to us by Italians and Clint Eastwood. Still, there's a small amount of charm to this one.

Paul B (au) wrote: A fine script and wonderfully underplayed central character by Niels Arestrup help ground this tale of two fathers facing up to the prospect of losing their sons I. Entirely different ways. Once all the cogs are in place you can see exactly how it will all pan out but the strength of this film is that Director Gilles Legrand never let's its inevitability detract from the beautifully drawn characters and tense melodrama.

Mike T (ag) wrote: A great little movie full of wit heart charm and surprises and yes I did watch it. A long time ago, liked it quite a bit, and liked it even more as time goes by. Remembering this movie now it seems quite a bit better than it was while watching it and it was a knockout movie with wonderful characters and even weirder situations. All in all a very good comedy but certainly no masterpiece and it's not perfect by any means, it was kind of good. A definitely happy motion picture that was uplifting and whimsical powerful and strange, I had such fond memories of the nerd characters and the great message that the movie delivered, for me. for others they may like things a little more communal and science based, based on smiling in the storm but for me, this hit the spot as a soulful, sweet and savagely different masterpiece of tone and complexity but if you are reading this, my review to you is that I liked this movie and would recommend it to people that want to have uplifting and proper normal and a really good time at the movies, I don't see why this is not a masterpiece....... and I had such a good time. It wasn't perfect or even spectacular but it was better than most Transformers movies and it is definitely an 8.5 out of 10 and definitely better than average movie that was more 8 out of 10 than the more average 7 out of 10 average movie that is more like a regular scenic arthouse action movie like the Expendables.

Muffin M (es) wrote: Griff (Ryan Kwanten), a shy and awkward office worker by day, finds escape from his ordinary life by assuming the identity of a fantastic superhero each night. Griff's secret is jeopardized when he meets Melody (Maeve Dermody), a cute but unconventional day dreamer. She quickly becomes fascinated by his idiosyncrasies, which are equal only to her own. In the face of mounting pressure to live in the "real world," it's up to Melody to rescue Griff The Invisible for the sake of herself, Griff and their newfound love for each other.also stars Marshall Napier, Patrick Brammall, Heather Mitchell, Toby Schmitz, Kelly Paterniti, Anthony Phelan and Kate Mulvany.directed by Leon Ford.

Felix W (ru) wrote: I very much enjoy British movies and this is a particularly good one. Felicity Jones is as charming as ever and in a role totally different from what we have seen so far. Her snowboarding skills are impressive too although most of the stunts probably were done by a stunt woman. "Chalet Girl" is a charming movie about a young girl who like some of us struggles with life until a big opportunity presents itself.Once Kim is out in Austria the movie starts. This movie is a rather a TV-movie made for a quiet day at home with your family than for the big screen and that is exactly how it feels and that is good. And while there is no major tension or excitement the movie still doesn't disappoint. The charm and quirkiness of all the characters makes this so enjoyable to watch. Especially the German and Austrian actors have some funny one liners and make the feel genuine.I really got the feeling of a real skiing holiday while watching this movie and it made want to put on mine. The fact that most things feel so authentic and are exactly like they are on real ski-runs makes the movie even better.Long story short "Chalet Girl" is lovely movie about skiing and having fun and just being yourself.

Davis V (es) wrote: A retarded film with Seagal, the action scenes were alright but otherwise the film made me wonder how can an awesome action star sink so low...

ariela H (mx) wrote: I love all the movies in the world

Kat K (ag) wrote: THE most beautiful and romantic movie I have EVER SEEN!!! I'm still choked up over it....

Steve H (gb) wrote: You know those films where you know where it's going......Well, this ISN'T one of them. It started off a 2 and a half star film (above average), and then proceeded to knock me off my feet. I'd spoil it if i said anything else. I'm now a fan of this director - his films all seem to take a little while to hook you in, but the experience is worth it....and fun. This is my favorite Jae-Young Kwak picture so far.

Leonardo Malacay S (br) wrote: robos en medio de las competiciones de Snowboarder como siempre el cine permite conocer otros mundos

Private U (ca) wrote: wonderful movie must see

MrFrank G (mx) wrote: An easy 4 star film in it's time, this was the trigger for the popularity of paintball and more than that, just a totally fun film to watch even if some of the music is terrible.

Michael T (it) wrote: The MGM gloss can't enhance this boring, talky love triangle melodrama with a few production numbers thrown in for good measure; supporting roles by Rosalind Russell, Mickey Rooney and Allan Jones add a bit of spice to the proceedings.

Mel P (au) wrote: I loved it too. So much better than the wanna-be Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

Edith N (de) wrote: I remember having seen this, a very long time ago, on Bravo. All I remember is the David Duchovny sex, so I must have come in very early in. This was in those long-ago days when you could find weird independent movies playing there--it's how I first saw [i]The Handmaid's Tale[/i], too. (It could have been a double feature--weird religious movies with sex in them!) This was easily fifteen years ago, and I hadn't seen a frame since. I've read reviews of it here and there--I believe it's another "atoning for [i]Scooby-Doo 2[/i]" film, come to that--but I don't think anyone I know has ever actually seen it. I'm not sure even Raul has seen it, unless he happened to catch it on Bravo that one time. Sharon (Mimi Rogers) leads a wild, hedonistic life alongside Vic (Patrick Bauchau, Sidney from [i]The Pretender[/i]). They're clearly intended to be a couple, but they get more joy out of partner-swapping, which is how she meets Randy (David Duchovny). She is an information operator, which has to be one of the world's most boring jobs, and she overhears a few of her coworkers talking about the Pearl and the Boy. She is drawn even further into this when she encounters Angie (Carole Davis), who has an intricate tattoo of the Pearl and so forth on her back. It turns out that it has to do with another sect of born-again Christianity, another one that believes the end of the world is nigh. The difference is that these are all having visions, and the visions seem to indicate that it really is. Because of this, Sharon and Randy are, too, born again, and they get married and (eventually) have Mary (Kimberly Cullum, who also played Abigail and Sammie Jo Fuller on [i]Quantum Leap[/i]). And then, Sharon's faith is tested. It's a running joke that you can date seasons of [i]The X-Files[/i] by David Duchovny's hair, and you can do just that here as well. The man actually has a mullet when we first encounter him, and later in the movie, he has Late Eighties Low-Level Bureaucrat hair. (The film's made in 1991, just as [i]The X-Files[/i] was about to gear up and during [i]Twin Peaks[/i], but still.) On the other hand, it's about the only really dating thing in the movie. If anything, the movie is more timely now, since that particular stripe of Christianity has had nearly twenty years and a good deal of political control since then. It's eerie, and I think it may well be more eerie now than it was then. Brr! You take a mood away from this movie. It's haunting. You look at the people involved, and you think, you know, how much does it take to turn me into one of them, if it can do it to Sharon and Randy? And Angie, let us not forget her. You see Sharon go from being a skank who has anonymous sex in skeezy hotel rooms to being the sort of person Ned Flanders would be a little weirded out by. One does not doubt the sincerity of their conversions, but one is a little startled by their speed. Randy suddenly says, "You know, I've always felt I was supposed to be part of something important," and then boom, they're seriously scary religious types. And I mean, I am a religious type, and my mom is, albeit a different religious type, and so forth, so it takes a lot to scare me in that vein. But these people manage it. Then again, they say no one's faith is so strong as that of a convert. I think, without giving too much of the ending away, that it is God who is found wanting in the end. Sharon does everything she is expected to do, follows every commandment. And yet God cannot take that as the declaration He seems to expect. She must say the words, despite the fact that any God worth worshiping ought to be able to read them in her heart. In the end, Sharon has lost everything that has ever mattered to her, both the secular and the divine. There is nothing left, and she has been brought to that place by God. Though there is also a school that holds that it's all a hallucination brought on by God's failure in one pivotal moment.