United Six

United Six

Six women decide to break into a bank, withdraw at the 11th hour - but must go on the run after the bank gets robbed by unknown person(s).

Six women decide to break into a bank, withdraw at the 11th hour - but must go on the run after the bank gets robbed by unknown person(s). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chuck W (nl) wrote: I felt moments of sheer brilliance and laughter juxtaposed with sharing Abe, Mary, and Hill's emotions as if they were my own. Your endeavors are acts of sheer genius as all of the great discoveries the historical world!!! Your story has rekindled the notion that mature men and women can befriend each other without stooping to the low levels as to employ sexual tension to lure the audience into believing the story. You have performed countless tasks seemingly impossible in this modern age of film production and have advanced the notion of moral priority in a film portraying the lives of historical figures of premiere importance and the inter-relationships that they shared.Mr. Litvak, you are the Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, of theatre and film. Weaving historical images, stories, feelings, and emotions of bygone eras and then reincarnating them so that our society will see what history would have long forgotten if not resurrected by you and your surrounding cadre' of collective genius.The casting and their performance could not have been better...at times, the film absorbed one into the seen as if you were truly listening and watching the true historical figures.Congratulations on a refreshing theatrical endeavor and not succumbing to the accepted morays of the film industry. Dr. Charles Wright, MD, MS

carlos p (au) wrote: A samba lxmmlsbZygote

Jeffrey N (br) wrote: I'm from Kevin's generation. Not just chronologically, but also inspirationally. Fletch is one of my favorite comedies. As is Stakeout. As is Lethal Weapon. All elements clearly and intentionally paid homage (as Tracy Morgan humorously mispronounces at the beginning of the movie). It was Kevin's not-so-subtle message (along with the cheap synthesizer and Fletch song at the ending fade) that he was about to show a film that had not one ounce of originality, but was meant to be an enjoyable popcorn film for fans of his, fans like him and those who just wanted to be entertained. I had NO expectations coming into this movie as critics and viewers alike ripped it apart. From a critical perspective, it's only slightly above average. However, from the INTENT of the film, it was perfect. The movie was fun, enjoyable and made me happy to see the genre revisited. Thanks Kevin!

Jason C (us) wrote: After the movie ended, I could have heard a pin drop in the theater. No one spoke, just overwhelmed by the ending of a great movie.

Rosemarie S (kr) wrote: good & real about cultural traditions & thinking... enjoyable music...

Ted W (jp) wrote: Terrible movie, aliens in the attic, boring movie with disney rejects or nickelodeon rejects in a stupid movie with terrible special effects for the aliens, if you want a alien movie watch et.

James H (gb) wrote: Julia Roberts does a great job, but it is a rather predictable love story. It is well enough done, good production values. It?s kind of a twist on ?Love Story?.

Lucy Alice Louise W (au) wrote: Great film, i used to watch this as a kid and i loved it back then, now i love it even more it's a great laugh and even my anthony enjoyed it :)

Beshane B (kr) wrote: How did this not win an Oscar. I need to know. This is the superhero movie for non-superhero type people.