Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business

Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business

Luc Devereaux and Veronica Roberts continue their attempts to expose the Universal Soldier unit. But after a hostage situation mistakenly leaves Veronica a fugitive, the two escape the city and go into hiding. CIA Deputy Director Mentor and Dr. Walker are also in the middle of literally 'growing' a powerful new Universal Soldier clone of Luc's brother Eric to assassinate him and Veronica.

The Return Luc Deveraux and Veronica Roberts continue their attempts to expose the Universal Soldier unit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business torrent reviews

Carlton R (us) wrote: Why do they give film roles to these washed up Wrestlers , their all crap

Grant T (kr) wrote: Sappy high school sing along that is occasionally fun

Marcella S (it) wrote: It wasn't that spectacular. Very much drawn upon sense and sensibility and pride and prejudice. Anne Hathaway was decent, as was James Macavoy. Not a super memorable film really.

Anand K (au) wrote: Great thriller very enjoyable

Angelica N (nl) wrote: I think im just to old to enjoy it! And the unicorn fole in the beginning was so suckishly done!

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Keith E (de) wrote: A great little movie. Love, sex, politics, class, and accidental murder. Yum.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: At more than 4 hours long Dr. Mabuse is an exercise in patience and more patience. The movie is way to long and not all that entertaining. After having sat through numerous silent movies I have come to the conclusion that "the shorter, the better!" Long movies like Intolerance, Birth of a Nation and Dr. Mabuse are decent for the first hour but than become overly long and too complex (at least when there is no dialogue) to really keep an audience intrigued. Dr. Mabuse may have been a good movie if I could have watched it without continually looking at the clock hoping that time would speed up and the 4 hours would be over, but as such I will never know.

Marcus W (au) wrote: Nice idea, poorly executed.

Michael D (ca) wrote: Phillip K Dick meets Arthur Miller to great effect in this existential, animated drama. A relatively simple tale in comparison to Kaufman's other work and all the better for it.