Universal Squadrons

Universal Squadrons

Captain Lance Deakin has returned home after serving his country in Iraq. In his civilian life, he is a Texan ranch handler who lives with his partner, Becca. Deakin tries to get back into his simple way of life but strange images, memories and flashbacks of the war keep coming back to him.

After returning to civilian life as a Texas rancher, Captain Lance Deakin fends off attacks from former members of his unit as he struggles to uncover the truth of what he did as a soldier ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy W (de) wrote: Is it fair to grade this film like any other full featured film? Hmm thats arguable seeing that it's obviously fan service. It's made on a micro budget, is Juvenile, gross and over-all very silly, but those are some of it's good qualities. Many of the jokes work but many do not. Around the 1hour mark there are long periods of gags just not working and I found myself staring at the time hope it would be over soon or at least get to the next funny scenario. It indeed over stays it's welcome by about 45 minutes and for a mini budget film that was released straight to DVD that runs almost 2hours (more than many cinema released films) those were the moments I found annoying. The "EEE TEE" character who didnt have enough screen time is who i found hilarious and personable. Of course James Rolfe as the Nerd is always entertaining and I loved the General and his ridiculous antics. The other characters in this film I didnt like soo much. Very underwritten and other all annoying. However, I'll leave with this. My personal opinion is if they wanted to talk about "ET" the video game is that instead of going the route they did they should have just made an all out ET movie spoof. The Film would have been better had it just focused on the things that worked well, a buddy movie about The Video game nerd, his buddy EEE TEE and the insane General trying to catch him. With Jame's Rolfe brand of humor that practically writes itself. Missed opportunity I guess. Whatever, the finished product for better or worst isnt bad at all. It just isnt as great as it could have been. With these mini budget films the movie has to sell itself on dialogue and fast paced humour which is was in short supply here. Im a big fan of The Angry Video Game nerd Internet series and if you're not I just recommend skipping this one all together because you wont get it. 2.5/5

Lucas F (es) wrote: Hilarious fun for the family. Suite life always deserved a movie

Caesar B (au) wrote: Very powerful documentary. I never knew Tillman before all the controversy broke, but judging from this movie he was a very precious individual that died in a very senseless and suspicious way.

Brian C (jp) wrote: Really nice cinematography and story telling. I love the detail in the battle scenes too

Rebecca W (it) wrote: deep love triange, sad endingg. the girl is hilarious xD

Nick G (es) wrote: Legit gangster film.

Skylar S (au) wrote: Thought provoking and artistically brilliant.

Gregory G (ru) wrote: One of the most enchanting and lyrical children's movies that can rank with classics like "National Velvet," "The Black Stallion," and "E.T." Thirteen year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes is extraordinarily affecting as a young Maori girl, who dreams of becoming the chief of the local tribe against the wishes of her stern grandfather (Rawiri Paratene), a man who believes in the strict adherence to ancient legend that only a male can assume leadership and ride the whale. Although the outcome is predictable, the simplicity and emotional resonance of the material become mythological. A sequence where Castle-Hughes recites a Maori chant at a school concert, amid her grandfather's absence, is incredibly touching. Cliff Curtis, a versatile actor who can convincingly play a multitude of nationalities, is the girl's father. Written and directed by Niki Caro. Based on the book by Witi Ihimaera. Cinematography by Leon Narbey, Music is by Lisa Gerrard. Filmed on the beautiful, windy New Zealand coast of North Island.

Deryk W (ca) wrote: A beautiful film about India. I loved it. It brought me back there.

Robert G (kr) wrote: Fun movie. It is a much better movie then ratings show. Don't gt me wrong it is defiantly not a great peice of cinema. But it is a fun one to watch with your friend or for a fun ride. The performances are solid for what the movie is. Nothing deep here, this is a perfect example of the "popcorn flick."

David L (mx) wrote: Such a twisted imagination Stephen King has, but boy is it compelling. This time we witness a fat git mowing down a gypo and then being cursed by the father of the deceased. At first, the extent of the revenge is not fully realised as the victim is ecstatic at the thought of losing a few pounds. However, when the weight shifts more rapidly the more he eats, a rat is smelt and panic stations begin. Initially thinking that the disease is a possible symptom of cancer, the lawyer and his family enlist the professional advice of a doctor, who becomes increasingly closer to the wife. Ashamed of his appearance, his partner, and his past actions, he goes in search of the gypsy that placed the spell on him, and who has also caused the death of two of his colleagues, that lied in court to help him get off Scott free. From hero to zero, the attorney must then decide whether to pass the curse onto someone else to suffer, or take his own life as a means of ending his new found depression. It's really twisted and very much in the format of the classic Night of the Living Dead chapters, with play dough type effects, and disturbing conclusions. Never heard of this film or book before but the innovative stories that come out of this guys mind are compelling and unique to say the least. It's a tale that is strongly linked with justice, greed, and betrayal, with a feeling of uncertainty over who is the hero and who is the villain. It's this type of thought provoking plot that I love to get my teeth into, and is one of those hidden gems of a film that I would definitely recommend to any budding horror fan. It's light heartedly gory in parts, but it would hardly be Stephen King if it wasn't, and this has certainly refreshed my memory of just how good an author he was (not that I've actually read any of his books though).

Jessica S (fr) wrote: Actually kind of cute. Much better than I anticipated.

J M (br) wrote: "Double the Van Damage!"****1/4In Hong Kong, English-man Paul Wagner & his company have completed construction on the Victoria Harbor tunnel with the help of equity partner Nigel Griffith. Paul & his wife: Katherine, have two, twin sons, Chad, & Alex. Body guard to Paul & his family is (Dead-Shoot-Shooter) Frank Avery; a friend that has-been-employed after his tour in the Vietnam War.Returning home after the opening ceremonies Paul dismisses Frank to take the night off; shortly after he sees that they-are-being followed; when Paul makes a call on the C.B to Frank he learns that it is not Frank's car that is following them. Frank quickly picks up on what is going on & does a 180 degree turn to rush to get there; when he pulls up a gun fight ensues & he sees that he has arrived too late to save Paul & his wife. The twins remain in the back seat with the nanny; when Frank elevates up his position to the car door he tells her to get the kids & get out of there. The nanny in a state of panic only grabs Alex quickly & leaves; Frank-is-forced to make a retreat & seeing that one of the twins remain he takes him. On his way out he sees that Paul's business partner Nigel Griffith is with a prominent Chinese business man & kingpin Raymond Zhang; both have plotted to have Paul & his family killed.It is twenty five years later. Chad has grown up in California & become an Aerobics & martial arts instructor; Alex orphaned in Hong Kong after his parents death is a street smart martial artist that owns a Mah Jongg Parlor & does shady business. Frank has found Alex with the help of an associate & decides it is time to reunite the twins & take back what is rightfully theirs.This move is a typical martial art movie that is completely predictable from beginning to end; it has all the things one would expect to find in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie; only this time there is double the Van Damage! Bolo Yeung (Bad guy from Enter The Dragon & Blood Sport) is back together with Van Damme as the head honcho of Raymond Zhang's tri-add team of hit-men; he brings that hefty hefty hefty look to the screen along with some humorous things in the fight scenes.Over all this film will be enjoyed-by-martial art buffs I think; along with an audience that is just in the mood to watch a martial art flick. Not Van Damme's best film but far from his worst.~I give this film a B - (Bright)

Sarah F (ag) wrote: This film looks alright , i would like to see it!

Andrew F (gb) wrote: I thought this was a great movie! Definitely makes my top 10 of all time.

Ben F (au) wrote: Most warm blooded citizens of this Earth can enjoy a romp through Statham action sequences, it's great stuff.