Universitari - Molto più che amici

Universitari - Molto più che amici


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Universitari - Molto più che amici torrent reviews

Brittney v (it) wrote: im desperate to see this!!!!!

Scott P (ca) wrote: Bit slow but a must see, just to find out what happens.

Ryan A (us) wrote: What I got to say about "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets" is that it a fine movie to watch. "It's fun, entertaining, funny moments and really good action packed sequences that are really cool to watch." The performances by the whole cast is good. The directing by Jon Turtletaub is good. The screenplay by Cormac Wibberly and Marianne Wibberley is fine. The cinematography is good. The score by Trevor Rabin is once again great as it was in the first movie. Finally, the effects in this one is good as well.

Dean M (de) wrote: This film has its heart in the right place but is just another mediocre teen-misfits-make-good movie. A real-life story of determination and courage turned into formulaic mush.

Robert I (es) wrote: This was a real surprise to see. Ended up becoming one of my favorite slasher movies of all time. A funny, twisted surprise! The less you know about it: THE BETTER!!!

Pseudonym P (fr) wrote: 90-Minutes of Mayhem!!! Yes, there are some extremely violent duds in Japanese Cinema. There's also some extremely violent examples of Great Cinematic Storytelling. Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs is definitely far too much for most people, and it lingers on its violence. It also has a Plot, full of Twist & Turns that actually make up for a fulfilling ending. Zero Woman is a Rogue Cop that doesn't play by the rules. She pretty much has Rorschach's philosophy, and a Badge. That attitude gets her locked-up with the criminals she hates. Can't keep the Star locked-upped. So she's sent on an undercover suicide mission, for her freedom. On this mission she'll deal with the lowest of pathetic, criminal, scumbags on Planet Earth. It gets extremely violent. Don't say I didn?t warn you. There was a time when Film-Makers were ruthless, and careless. That's also what fascinates me about the History of Japanese Film. No matter how ruthless, careless, or insensitive the subject matter. An Artist will make it worth watching. Told in 'Michael Clayton' fashion Zero Woman's 'Made In U.S.A.' visual-style, mixed with it's Blaxploitation Funk Soundtrack, make up for one disturbingly violent piece of art. "Art is not safe." -Rob Zombie

John O (ru) wrote: Unlike the previous film "Diamonds Are Forever" that was dull and cheesy, this film seems like everyone was having a great time. Also the soundtrack is the best Bond soundtrack I have ever heard. George Martin and Paul McCartney do an amazing job. Roger Moore does very well in his first outing as James Bond.

Bluepanther (ag) wrote: I would "love" to see this!

Charles G (us) wrote: I like this movie. I liked how a misfit finds she is actually the right fit for her. Like when people look for the supernatural when the natural is good enough.