Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures

Three disaffected youths live in Datong in 2001, part of the new "Birth Control" generation. Fed on a steady diet of popular culture, both Western and Chinese, the characters of Unknown Pleasures represent a new breed in the People's Republic of China, one detached from reality through the screen of media and the internet.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   explosion,   bathroom,  

Two unemployed Chinese teenagers have trouble resisting the temptations of the Western world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt P (jp) wrote: OMG I think this might be the saddest movie ever!!!!!

Gia H (es) wrote: This was a good story line and good characters but it dragged ass. They could have added more to keep us interested.

rie j (br) wrote: i love it this movies

Mr Saturn (ag) wrote: GATTACA was definitely more entertaining and gripping than I thought it would be. Andrew Niccol's movie makes the viewer care about its characters through the use of powerful dialogue and a captivating story. It's one of those movies that gets the viewers thinking after they're done watching. In my opinion, it manages to touch upon the subject of genetic engineering very nicely from Vincent's point of view. It makes the viewer question where the line should be drawn. The film also explores the dangers of social classifications and how both society and circumstances beyond your control can hold you back from being all you could be. The film also does a great job in showing the audience how nobody has the right to tell what you're worth. Even though it is true that the movie has a plot hole or two, the story is so engaging that you are able to ignore them. That's what a good movie is all about.

Pedro A (jp) wrote: Great brazilian movie!

Fong K (ag) wrote: viewed on 26/6/04 (Sat)All I wanted was to have a few good laughs from this comedy. Instead I get more out of it. Now, calling this a comedy will be understating it. It has anti-war messages, not with scenes of dead bodies and explosions, but subtly conveyed in Robin Williams' performance and his humour. I may be naive but I believe Robin is playing himself, a humourous chap with a heart of gold. There is a scene his jeep was stuck in a jam together with trucks of GIs. There and then, he, upon request, puts up a stand-up comedy and in his eyes rolling are tears. Now this is not a close-up... I think he is happy not because the soldiers' applause affirm his popularity and hence 'exacting revenge' on the conservative radio station which booted him. But I think because he is wise to know that humour cheers up the soldiers better than words of encouragement or moving big talk. Now, that kind of subtle performance deserves an Oscar too, not necessarily a serious one. The movie reminds me of how humour is so sparse at workplaces. No boss really wants to take a jokey worker seriously, unless you are a straight-faced no-nonsense worker, in short the nerdy killjoys. They may play the tune of injecting play in your work but they actually mean it as a joke. The movie can go in all the 'right' directions to be a mushy comedy which yearns to be taken seriously. There are scenes of farewell, arguement between friends with different political views, welcoming back a beloved DJ etc but never once you feel nauseous because of a well-balanced light humour. There is a sequence of Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World playing to shots of a very chaotic Vietnam. I like that very much. Sad, ironical but never insensitive. Now, I realise from imdb's trivia that Robin's character Adrian Cronauer is based on a real person and he did not do half the things mentioned in the movie that would surely have him court-martialled. Yes, this is taking too much liberty of the facts but hey, I don't mind a bit if that would be a better story.Rating: A-

Simon D (gb) wrote: A psychological horror / thriller with a low-budget cast who all put in very impressive performances. If you have a phobia of insects then this is a film to scare the life out of you. Otherwise, it's not a scary film but it is somewhat disturbing.

Aaron S (fr) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in a while. Or course, I'm a sucker for classics, and "Sympathy" was stunning.

Edmund C (us) wrote: Wow, wow! Hard to believe such arthouse stuff was made by an American director.. but it was.. by the talented Gus Van Sant - way back in 1991! He set it in the American midwest, used surrealistic timelapse images and a haunting 'Cattle Call' tune... threw in Shakespearean dialogue, gay street hustlers, a narcoleptic who yearns for love, family and wholeness (the show belongs to River Phoenix!).. it all alchemized, and it was MAGIC. This is actually the first time I'm seeing the full film. My first time in the 90s, i only had a black&white copy on videotape and didn't finish it cos I wanted to wait for a color version. And some years back, an ex-colleague presented me with the Japanese double-dvd, which I finally watched a few days back. Classic!