Unlikely Revolutionaries

Unlikely Revolutionaries

An socially inept dockworker (Fabio Volo), an unemployed 30-year-old teacher who works flipping pizzas (Piefrancesco Favino), a college professor nostalgic for the Marxist revolution (Giuseppe Battiston) and a man without a past who’s just been released from prison (Paolo Sassanelli) decide to kidnap a political minister and use the ransom money to compensate the family of a victim of an on-the-job accident. Motivated by disappointment, bitterness, rage, and the winds of anti-politics, they are also supremely clumsy. And, along with a journalist (Claudia Pandolfi) they involve in their scheme, they mistakenly grab an anonymous vice-minister (Giorgio Tirabassi) who turns out to be the only honest politician around.

Five people, disillusioned with their lives and passionately opposed to politics, decide to kidnap a politician, to dispense justice and use the ransom money to compensate the family of a victim of an on-the-job worker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy M (es) wrote: GREAT MOVIE....all my family loved it including my 9 year old!!!

Xenomorph F (de) wrote: Very good adaption, different form the anime, though I prefer that one much better, it was much more dramatic.

Seray T (ca) wrote: The book was more enjoyable...

Geoff S (kr) wrote: Just watched "Salvage", low budget yes, but what the film had was some good acting and an unusual storyline. Some of the decisions made annoyed me, like why didn't they use the rifle or try and drive away, and in typical horror film fashion why go and explore a dark attic when you know you shouldn't. Also one minute soldiers outside, the next they are either dead or absent. Overall, enjoyable and worth a watch...

Carrie T (gb) wrote: Freaky Friday is charming and fun, brought to you by two amazing actresses and their chemistry with the cast.

Joseph J (fr) wrote: Very corny with awful acting. The fight scenes look very fake, but the alien suite looks realy cool and has potential to be an intersting superhero type character.I would like to see this film remade into a more polished well thought out film.

Nora P (de) wrote: Diane Kury's flick about her mom. This is beautifully acted by Huppert and Miou Miou.

Brad S (au) wrote: - I wanted something light and this did the trick. Chevy Chase is great in the role as is Beverly D'Angelo. Eric Idle is hilarious in a cameo role as well. This one is pretty fun if you like the series.- I loved this as a kid. Still makes me laugh, may not be the funniest movie, but constantly amusing.

Haruka K (us) wrote: Jamie Kennedy did a great job in it.

(kr) wrote: genius comedy-romantic-drama with a sci-fi plot film.

Alex G (nl) wrote: The most forced and cliche sort of love story that relies on ex machina to achieve romantic "fate." It also makes you dislike the other potential love interested by filling them with over-the-top slapstick faults.