Unlimited 23

Unlimited 23


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Unlimited 23 torrent reviews

Akil G (nl) wrote: Bad acting and weak story

Chris V (ag) wrote: Glocky from the start to finish.

hiram c (ag) wrote: Great story telling and character development. The acting was also a huge factor.

PieterJan V (nl) wrote: An unknown but suprisingly strong thriller! It's done before but it's still an intense and entertaining film.

Victor L (fr) wrote: like a flower, its beautiful. and i like how fluid the movie is.

Rinchen T (au) wrote: Movie shows what does mother mean to a child. I watched to enjoy music of Joe Hisaishi. Good watch.

Matty S (nl) wrote: Strictly a cult classic the not only brings the whole 1970's glam glitter rock to life, but clings to it as tightly as it can. Beautifully filmed, ultra-cool and totally unique. I love this movie.

Thomas B (de) wrote: I enjoyed movie. It's a great melodrama of a neighborhood bar and the people's story who go there

Michael K (fr) wrote: A cracking vampire thriller from Hammer and easily one of their best 70s films, Vampire Circus is a highly original, strikingly atmospheric, weird and sensuous horror with several erotic moments and some serious gore for its time [some footage had to be trimmed and remains lost to this day]. A cult classic.

Allan C (br) wrote: Quite entertaining and also very earnest spaghetti western about outlaw Anthony Quinn finding shelter from a priest in the small town of San Sebastian. The town, however, is under siege from bandits led by Charles Bronson. When the priest is killer, the townsfolk mistaken Quinn as a fellow priest who then leads the towns people to rise up against their tormentors. Although the story is a bit of a rehash of "The Magnificent Seven" (which was itself a remake), Quinn gives a a very earnest and soulful performance, which you don't often get in spaghetti western, which typically focused on visuals, violence and quirk. The heart that Quinn brings to this film sets it apart from many of it's ilk.

Brad W (jp) wrote: OK drama action. Not really worth the cast that's assembled.

Chris C (ag) wrote: The Matrix meets THX 1138/ Nineteen Eighty-Four

Maniack P (fr) wrote: THIS SHIT IS GANGSTA

Christie L (nl) wrote: This is a first rate boxing drama with Ryan (himself a former boxer) giving an excellent performance as a man who knows his time's almost up but believes he can still win one. Credit also to director Robert Wise who manages to create an atmosphere filled with great a supporting cast where you can almost smell the sweat and blood behind the scenes in the change rooms and in the ring. The fight scenes are shown in real-time and they stand-up well even by today's standards.It's interesting to note that the screenplay was based on a poem about a black boxer.