Unlimited Love

Unlimited Love

Jib, a pretty writer who believes in true love, is living with her boyfriend Loyd, who is an advertising creative. Realizing the happiness of their love life is running out of time, Jib distressingly decides to leave Loyd. Later, Jib is back to Loyd, but something is different. Now, Loyd is forced to choose between someone who looks alike and the right answer in his heart.

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Erik v (gb) wrote: this might just be the most retarded and most stupid movie i have ever seen. its so unrealistic its almost hilarious. and all the fake stupid ''funny'' moments, are so fucking cringe-worthy.. i really tried to like this movie, but its really fucking terrible lol.

Paul K (es) wrote: having seen 'The Way' the night before, we watched this as part of a 'scattering ashes' genre season. Not as good, sadly - characterisation and event were both only sketchy, and the plot felt incomplete. As most reviewers comment, the cast did well with a pedestrian story.

Elex M (gb) wrote: whoa a lot of reading, but the movie was fun and the acting was pretty good. the musical numbers were amusing because of the dancing and the music was great.

Jon D (ru) wrote: Great movie but very complicated. I've seen it once and want to watch it a few more times to unravel more of the puzzle

Kyle B (us) wrote: Not well made but still pretty funny

Jon S (fr) wrote: a great documentary. apted continues to deliver in film after film.

David D (au) wrote: Bad. Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. I cried all right--for the two hours of my life that were lost watching this drivel.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Amateurish and poorly made revenge story that's somehow gained a cult following a also generated a surprising amount of debate. For a film that is as crass and exploitative, I'm surprised there is anyone who would give this film serious consideration as a feminist polemic. The story involves a woman being brutally raped and then seeking her own bloody revenge on her attackers. My own feeling on the film is that it's not about female empowerment and is instead misogynistic and exploitative. But to even have to say that is given this film far too much credit. This film is pure grindhouse and not that good of grindhouse either, although I would have to give the filmmakers credit for the film still being pretty shocking almost 40-years later. The revenge potion of the film is the only thing that saves this from zero stars, but most of the film is a real endurance test (and not in a good way). Stick wth "Ms. .45" or "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" if you want to see much better of female revenge films.

Dean G (de) wrote: was a good story line, i was surprised with this one 6.5/10worth the watch.

Stephanie D (it) wrote: Based on a true story. Words that always help a movie that drags seem more interesting. Mr. Ellis did a nice thing and deserves the props.