Uno contro l'altro, praticamente amici

Uno contro l'altro, praticamente amici


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Uno contro l'altro, praticamente amici torrent reviews

Lisa R (es) wrote: Alexa visits from small town middle America from Scandinavia after the suicide of a gay friend. She comes with the intention of making a documentary about why he killed himslef and being gay in middle America. During this one summer she discovers more about herself than her dead friend. An interesting premise for a film, that really does have some very well done moments for a low-budget film, especially in some of the cinematography and imagery, but ultimately it fails to fully engage and sustain the viewers interest as it meanders too much and stays too long in some scenes, when editing out would've been better advised.

Fahad A (ag) wrote: Not for me, just watched it because of the water sports, my favorite activity.

Danny M (ru) wrote: So watching foreign language movie isn't my personal preference in terms of the movie choice. But considering the genre of horror movie, I would rather give a try and see how different countries portrayed it differently. However, it came to the disappointment when this was just a psycho movie with some random music and weird shots. Sigh....what a waste of the pretty woman speaking Spanish. And I dont appreciate the idea, the style or even the props. When it came to the end and you flashed back to the movie, all those gimmicks became meaningless.

John W (kr) wrote: Poor execution and confused storytelling kept this from being as good as it could have been. The four main leads are good actors, but they are given nothing to work with here and so end up as flat, dimensionless characters.

James C (es) wrote: In a city of worm-ridden zombies, an old man is on a mission .... to find a new pair of slippers. This gore filled cartoon that follows the adventures of an old man as he travels around killing zombies and looking for some new footwear is an interesting idea. The animation is simplistic and does the job, but gets a little to much on the eyes by the end. Even at only 77 minutes, the story drags and the finale is a long-time coming. This is only film of it's knd, and should be viewed as a curiosity piece.

Olde L (ag) wrote: last years lamest movie. could not bear to stay until the end.

Morpheus O (it) wrote: A classic 80's flick. A good date movie actually!

Art S (es) wrote: The kind of movie you might see in your head if you've been slipped a mickey and unceremoniously dumped on the beach outside of Havana. A woozy coproduction between the Soviets and Cuban teams (directed by Mikhail Kalatozov) that has clear propaganda goals - but which target of such efforts could make it all the way through? There is no clear narrative structure and we don't follow any particular characters for any length of time. Basically the film moves from a depiction of Batista era party days with exploitation by crude foreign interests (prostitution, big bands), to poor sugar farmers losing their livelihoods to the United Fruit Company, to an uprising by students and finally, of course, to revolution led by Castro. The whole thing is shot with the kind of angles and style that were favoured by Orson Welles (after too much Paul Masson). It's all too much and therefore worth a look.

Martin T (br) wrote: This is absolutely terrific noir. Crackerjack performance from Dana Andrew, a passable one from Gene Tierney (commentator Eddie Muller rightfully points out her limited range), and all the supporting players are a delight. Otto Preminger keeps everything tight and tense, with a lot of great photography and music. Lots of tough talk and snappy banter and heavy themes.

Anthony I (us) wrote: The uncomfortable masterpiece worshipped by cinema lovers of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the more you watch it, the more strenuous it is to sit through. You can see it had a major influence on David Lynch.

John F (gb) wrote: interesting concept , good action, weak ending

Russell H (us) wrote: pretty entertaining and a lot of funny parts.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Cool indie type film. Bacon is such a versatile actor but is great at playing the villain.