Unresolved Sexual Tension

Unresolved Sexual Tension

University Professor Juanjo falls into a tailspin of depression and confusion after being dumped by his girlfriend. Convinced that he is being manipulated by her, he persuades his boldest student, Nico, to help him regain his former love. However, their seemingly simple plan ends up being a perverse game.

This film is about a woman who will be marrying a guy she does not love. A famous female author helps her to discover what kind of man she really needs. A messy array of relationships is hence formed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian G (es) wrote: Simple y sencilla, es como shrek al final.

Carol B (it) wrote: I love this movie, and have watched it many times. Its a good saturday afternoon movie!!!!! Tom Berenger even though a little pudgy now is still the cutest man around.

Mr Movie R (us) wrote: One of the biggest and best movies of Tom's carrier.

cheryl aka camerahappychick (nl) wrote: So totally into this group. Too bad and wore out the beta copy of the film that I copied when it first came out on "The Star Channel" aka TMC. DVD verison isn't so bad with all the extra stuff.

Bob W (it) wrote: Obviously a believable and comfortable theme for Reynolds since he did so many movies with car chases in essentially the same type of role and same kind of sidekicks.

Emile H (nl) wrote: Viewers may not know whether or not this film is worth turning off brain cells for this film, because this is more than just a typical 80's action film, it's a roller coaster. The increasing non-stop action in this movie it's meant to rank high on destruction force, not blood count. Yet with all of that - albeit exaggerated - it has so much heart. Sylvester Stallone has serious acting chops in this movie. You see John Rambo as the gears shift in his head constantly as the situation he's in gets worse. The monologue where he breaks down is probably the most emotional an action hero has been, and above all may seem personal to a lot of those who served. While the premise seems highly unbelievable, it is worth watching to not only enjoy as an action film but also be aware of the true feelings it's portraying.

Aaron B (gb) wrote: One of the greatest sports movies ever made, not only because of the fantastic game shots that make audiences feel like they are on the field, but because of the emotional depth of most of the characters. Also, Explosions in the Sky does a phenomenal job at scoring the film.

Paul D (nl) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is Elizabeth Olsen! However, she could not save this doomed film. Jessica Lange also gives a decent performance in a story that is only mildly interesting and extremely unsatisfying.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Brilliant biopic.The story of Winston Churchill's World War 2 life. From the outset, to him becoming Prime Minister and further, capturing all the major highs and lows. The famous speeches and quotes are all there.Concludes with the 1945 election, where the British people betrayed Churchill and ushered in a more socialist Britain, and ended an empire. Solid direction and script.What makes the movie, however, is Brendan Gleeson. He IS Churchill, to the smallest mannerism. Brilliant performance by him.Excellent performance too from Janet McTeer as Clementine, Churchill's wife.

Ben L (ag) wrote: Key Largo is the story of a small hotel in the Florida Keys which is over-run by gangsters who take everyone else in the building hostage during a hurricane. The movie is very compact, and feels like it is merely a stage play captured on camera. Almost every scene takes place on one of 2 sets, and most of the film is built around verbal sparring rather than physical action. As a result I felt the film was a bit uninteresting, because I never felt much escalation in tension. However, what holds it together and kept me engaged was the acting performances. Surprisingly the 2 biggest names, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, offered the mildest performances. It was really Edward G. Robinson as the perfect image of a 1940s gangster, Lionel Barrymore as the big-talking old man, and Claire Trevor as the alcoholic gun moll that stole the show. I particularly liked how this film played with the concepts of what makes up real strength, by showing scenes where the guys with the guns are not the strongest individuals in the room. If they had played with that more, and even used that in the final climax I think this could have been an even more effective film. Instead they added a strange side plot about the Native Americans that lived in that region, which I didn't feel worked all that well in combination with the rest of the story. I can see why Key Largo was a classic that resonated with 40s audiences, but aside from some solid acting, I would say this is a film that doesn't really stand the test of time.