Unsolved Suburbia

Unsolved Suburbia

MARTY is a quirky straight guy weekdays, and gay on weekends, a high school senior, who along with his questionably straight friend JAKE, unravels the mystery of who put a hit on their friend THOMAS'S new gay lover. Jake uses his expertise as a peeping tom and gossip monger to discover neighborhood secrets, while Marty helps Thomas hide safely. At home Marty has problems of his own, when his boyfriend MICHAEL, and girlfriend ANYBODYS, find out about each other. When a surprise fourth person is sneaks into the room, the end results might be deadlier than the hit man.

Bi-sexual high school senior Marty investigates a murder with his friend Jake, while juggling his boyfriend and girlfriend, hoping to keep them from finding out about each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher S (es) wrote: When you look at the basic story and visuals, this could have been a decent summer movie. But Ice Age: Continental Drift falls short due to awkward writing.

Bruno V (au) wrote: Let's say a part of Martin Luther Kings live's story ....fine to follow , interesting . Not to watch on a daily basis

ShawnRay M (fr) wrote: I get that they were trying to make a self-referencing horror film but I think they kind of failed on just about every single aspect. There was a lot here to bring someone into the movie: Danica McKellar, William Forsythe, Juliet Landau, Lochlyn Munro, and so on and so forth, but the severe over-(lack of)-acting and sequences of events that just didn't make sense makes this movie almost unbearable. After the first 10 minutes I simply sat through it just to see how bad it could get. There would have been a way to make this movie and had it be entertaining, but I feel Matt Flynn's direction hindered that. His vision was just uninspired... which is funny since that's the point the movie is trying to make: that horror films today lack imagination. Still, I give them points for trying to do something different in a genre that's all but stale at this point...

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Peter B (nl) wrote: Sebastiane follows the persecution and martyrdom of St. Sebastian, but the film has little to do with Christianity or history. The film contains many layers of meaning, all of which are concerned with the nature of the relationship of homosexuality to the rest of society. The film is filled with moments of subtle and not so subtle homoeroticism, all of which climax with the murder of Sebastiane - an icon which has become associated with BDSM and homosexuality. This makes Jarman's choice of subject-matter readily apparent. The fact that the film is actually shot completely in Vulgar Latin instead of english adds to a slightly distancing historical realism which draws the audiance into Jarman's world. It is beautifully shot and Sebastiane's voiceover gives the feeling that one could almost be watching a Terrence Malick film.

Andree H (fr) wrote: A new teacher with a challenging class! Anyone have suggestions for other teacher movies?

Ian F (nl) wrote: 'Throne of Blood' took inspiration from Macbeth, but it might be even more disheartening. Washizu has to answer to everyone in the end, even the trees.

Jodie J (fr) wrote: gets better every time i watch it

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