Untamed Heart

Untamed Heart

Caroline, a young waitress who seems to have bad taste in men, is on her way home one night when thugs attempt to rape her. Adam, the mysterious busboy who works at the same diner, helps fight off the assailants, and she begins a relationship with him -- but not all their fellow Minnesotans are happy for them. Meanwhile, the couple face their own difficulties when Caroline finds about Adam's past, including his unique health condition.

Caroline, a young waitress who seems to have bad taste in men, is on her way home one night when thugs attempt to rape her and a shy busboy who secretly loves her comes to her rescue. From there a relationship sparks but one secret could mean disaster for these fated lovers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alvin Y (au) wrote: Exotica, Great MoviesWith a title called *Exotica*, I'm sure it's an adult film or Playboy Magazine special. Well, it's all that jazz! This is a rich, textured, beautiful but sad and painful film to watch. From the moment the film opens, characters start to sink us into their dark inside. I just simply left wanting more or wanting to see it again as it ends. It has a lot to say to us and to the characters as well. Don't also expect madness nudity here, because it ain't really worth it. People like Francis, Eric, and Tomas are not into obsessed with sex or pride, they want to redeem or heal theirselves for what may have happened to them earlier in the film. Francis thinks going into the club can make him happy again, he has a wife and daughter but are killed in an accident, would he accept grievance to this? He also babysits his niece, Tracy, does he then want to rape her? Not that I know. Also, he stays a few hours in the office of Tomas to work with something. Now, Tomas is this kind of a criminal person but he doesn't look like a criminal to me, he's rather a lonely and pitiful person who makes living by smuggling animals and paying a ticket to some stranger. And who's Eric then? He's the DJ and also the ex-boyfriend of this Cristina, but he still feels in love with her, and feels jealous seeing her with another guy on the club dancing with that guy, who is then, Francis. I know that is a very complicated plot connection, but when you watch it, you will forget the plot, but not the connection of the characters together, interesting! Also, this Cristina character isn't typically that person that you want to have sex, she's more than a person who does her job but feels despair on her situation in and out of the bar. There is also a connection between Francis and Tracy's dad, Tomas and Cristina, and Francis and the club's manager, which truly revives the film's sadness to hope. I'm aware that the director is not interested in a typical standard entertainment movie, he's rather than interested in revoking the story to make the film vivid to the spirit of the people involved. And I've never seen any film ever at all set in a club with some tensions going on and also depending to some of the uninteresting stuff, like...Once again, Exotica is a special film, and an exotic masterpiece not in storytelling, but in making the characters look cynical to each other. I really love to see more films like this one, truly no love story, truly no sex, and mostly, no one killed at the end. They all want to make peace and respect but would they make it? If all of this doesn't make sense, then see for yourself, it's simple, but truly you will never go to any club ever again after seeing this!

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Final Destination 5 is another addition to the series that might be presumingly the last movie consider that I haven't heard anything about the studio making another Final Destination movie. If that's actually so, then I'm glad that they ended the series with possibly the best movie in the series since the first and second movie and is definitely a welcome back to form after The Final Destination was made. The movie goes back to having a suspense tons and took itself seriously which I'm glad it did after The Final Destination changed its tone to a campy one that didn't bring out much enjoyment. The premonition is one of the most enjoyable scenes of the series since the pile up scene from Final Destination 2, and the death scenes are improved, even though some of them died in a way that is not that probable. I was a bit worried about Eric Heisserer as the writer for this as I've seen the remake of Nightmare on Elm's Street, and while it's not the best script in the series, it's definitely not the worst script of the series which was a bit of a relief to me. As for the characters however, they were developed a little bit, but never to the point that they are very memorable, or even interesting for that matter. Even some of the acting can be off at times, and some times it is tolerable to watch. The CGI is a lot better than the fourth movie, and the ending is definitely a jaw dropper for those who watch it for the first time and didn't realize it. There are a bit new things in this movie that are unfamiliar to the series, but for the most part, it has the same story as the rest of the series and tells it in mostly the same way too. The soundtrack by Brian Tyler is really good, and when it got to the ending to where it's playing If You Want Blood (You've Got It) by ACDC, it's a pretty sweet scene to watch and listen to. Final Destination 5 is a really good horror movie that while was relatively the same, it was executed better than some of the series.

Private U (jp) wrote: What book were y'all reading to make this movie!? What the actual f###!? It's a movie made up entirely of explainers.... But seriously lacking in a baseline plot to actually explain. Omg what is this ending!? Seriously, this movie was like a horrible cliff notes version and still missing pretty big details. Like, what?

Megan T (ag) wrote: Must see for parents, teachers, or anyone who could use a reminder of childhood. 5/5 from me. 97% on Rottentomatoes.

Simon W (br) wrote: This movie is very lowbudget, but very well-made. It is cool to see an old play revamped that wasn't Shakespeare. The story is very good, but it is hurt by a very lame ending.

Jeremy P (au) wrote: Not a film for those who don't pay attention to details. Classic indie film stuff that has a lingering, kind of bland mood. However, it's beautifully shot and acted (thanks to Hoffman, who can do no wrong in my eyes). You might want to turn it off due to the slow moving plot and stale mood, but stick around for the ending. It's worth it.

Edgar L (ru) wrote: This is just cartoon Junk, The Writing is Lazy, The Story is Unoriginal, The Animation is Ugly and Limited, The Effects Look Garbage, and The Characters Are Bland, Uninteresting, and Unlikable.

Kyle M (us) wrote: The pleasant, deserving sequel completes the story of the grumpy old men with this being better and funnier. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Deke P (ru) wrote: Saw in t heater when came out. Think i liked it. Cruel Japs invading China city. But too much kid. And couldn't enjoy cuz my irritable girlfriend hated all his annoying screaming and yelling. "Steven Spielberg's acclaimed account of an English boy's life in a WWII internment camp in Japanese-occupied China.Christian Bale, John Malkovich"

rebeca p (kr) wrote: esta es una de las peliculas mas lindas de mark

Idan W (mx) wrote: A vanity project with silly so-called plot. Good music doesn't salvage this mess of a movie.A big snooze.

Wendy G (ru) wrote: I remember this movie from when I was very young (I'm 30 now) the unfortunate thing about people reviewing this movie is that most will hold it to todays standard of children film. That is quite unfair. Movies that are this old should be compared with other movies and the film quality of the time it was made. now this movie was made in 1971 that alone puts it after Disney, so we should stop comparing it to Mary Poppins, a film which Disney in large part had a hand in making. As for the music well that honestly is judged from personal preference to personal preference. I watched it somewhat recently and viewed it as charming in some of the scores and others I will admit to be a tad long winded, but then again I like songs that are more fast pace than what many musicals do. My favorite song is still the song and dance number on Portabelo Road, as it was when I was little. Lol I can still hum it. The thing that was still new and many films that catered to children had animation and live action spliced together. I always find this amazing in old movies because today it's far to easy to do, anyone who halfway decent with a camera and computer can do it. Back then however that took real skill. Finally many people complain about the film quality. Honestly now even Marry Poppins has bad film quality by todays standard. Sorry if I bothered anyone with my post. I enjoyed this film as a child and just felt it was being treated unfairly due to ignorance and lack of consideration of facts. So please forgive my biased nature.

TTT C (br) wrote: (* 1/2): Thumbs Down

Paul D (de) wrote: Well...there was a whole lot of brutality in this, it is hard to watch in some parts, and almost laughably bad in others. Story wise, it doesn't really differ much from other revenge style movies and it's just as predictable. It got most of it's press for obviously pushing some sort of rape scene envelope for the 1970's. It's obviously fake, but for victims of such crimes, I imagine it would be hard to watch.

David Klein (mx) wrote: Thought it was entertaining. But then again I'm a sucker for boxing movies.