Until Forever

Until Forever

Until Forever: The Michael Boyum Story is a powerful, true account of one young man's courageous battle with leukemia and his journey of faith.

The movie tells a powerful, true account of one young man's courageous battle with leukemia. With honesty, warmth, and unexpected humor, the movie illustrates the strength of faith in the midst of darkness and shows that miracles can come in the most unexpected ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (de) wrote: Slow paced movie with nothing happening, a lot more could have been done with the plot premises.

Chris S (ag) wrote: I love every ape I see, from Chimpanz-a to Chimpanzee. What an odd world we're in where one of the most quality franchises is...Planet of the Apes.

Andrew K (ca) wrote: Lots of atmosphere and thought provoking.

Ollie W (kr) wrote: A very good movie for the series.

Nausheen C (ag) wrote: does not portray real facts

Gke O (it) wrote: i want to watch it it is a fascinating cartoon

Nao K (de) wrote: The story is nice, I felt happy after watching this.

Jacquelyn W (us) wrote: A concept that has been done before and done better.

John L (au) wrote: While not his "best" it's definitely among his better films, with its underlying themes in a similar existential vein as "Brazil" and "12 Monkeys." If you're expecting a comedy, go elsewhere. Likewise, if you're expecting a prima facie narrative, go elsewhere. The real power of this film is in its underlying themes and its symbolism, albeit peppered with some comic relief. Without spoiling it with details, look for the Grand Irony between what Qohen is desperately seeking personally and the project his thankless, unrewarding and mentally grinding job has him working on. Every element of the story as it unfolds contributes to one or both of these as Qohen hurtles toward a personal collision of the two. Gilliam uses a fantasy world to distance the audience from a narrative reality to better expose the underlying themes.Keep this in mind when viewing it and you'll understand Zero Theorem. The audience is ultimately left to draw its own conclusions about the two halves of the irony that dramatically collide at the end.