Untuk tiga hari

Untuk tiga hari

Afdlin Shauki directs and acts in this movie about a pair who decide to end their marriage after 3 days to please their elders, but then during their time spent together, they start to realise that fate and maintaining their bond may not be so bad and could be the best thing that's ever happened for them

About a pair of lover who decide to end their marriage after 3 days to please their elders, but then during their time spent together, they start to realize that fate and maintaining their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anurag B (nl) wrote: Jolly LLB misguides as a comedy movie its damm serious as the story requires it to be. The movie at the end gives u a sense of accomplishment and watch out for fantastic courtroom drama with Warsi,Irani and specially Saurabh Shukla.

Private U (es) wrote: Amazing Music, Pretty Good Story...Lots of Memories.

Robyn M (gb) wrote: I'd never heard of this film, but somehow came across it through Cable Tv when nothing else was on. This is a no regret movie. You actually walk away learning about war, hatred at it's worst and watch as 2 bestfriend become enemies.A orgianl storyline, and somewhat factual piece it's captivating and very disturbing..Graphic and Violent..It's a 1 time watch for me. Yet i enjoyed the realistic aspect of it, I recommend this to someone with a strong stomach and open mind.

gustavmarkovic31 (au) wrote: As wicked and funny as the title suggests.Ruthless People combines some extremely underrated comic actors of today in a film of classic screwball proportions that is a joy to watch.

Stella D (us) wrote: amazing short film though difficult to watch. i may be a vegan after this.

Reece L (nl) wrote: Originating multiple troupes still found in modern filmmaking, "Battleship Potempkin" is an exhilarating, thought-provoking piece of work that ranks with the very best.

Mohammed H (it) wrote: it is incredible movie

Thomas D (ca) wrote: As the 4th Bourne film in the series, 'Legacy' isn't all that inventive or revealing. But as a spy-action-thriller, it's pretty solid. Aaron Cross is hardly as interesting as Bourne, but Renner's charismatic presence is more than enough to get by.In the age of shared universes, Universal decided it was a good idea to make another Bourne film in 2012, after years of trying to get a 4th Damon film off the ground. While the script and direction from Tony Gilroy relies heavily on the same tropes of the series, I can't say it's a film that shouldn't have been made. It should have just deviated from the source material even more than it did.With that said, I like the fact that the film takes place at and around the same time that 'Ultimatum' did. The approach to have Jason Bourne's actions impact Cross' and the rest of the Black Ops agents was a smart one. It's a far better decision than having Renner be the re-casted Bourne. But as Cross, Renner is quite good. I'm not sure he got cast in all of these franchises, but he doesn't seem to disappoint.Renner is complemented by a powerful performance from Rachel Weisz, who plays Cross' former doctor. Much like Bourne and Marie in 'Identity', they have great chemistry together and Weisz thankfully more with her character than what's written on the page. Edward Norton plays the new suspicious C.I.A figure, which has become a classic Bourne trope at this point. Although I think Norton is a good actor, he didn't do anything as Eric Byer that impressed me all that much. With minimal screen time together, it was tough to grapple onto Byer's perusal of Bourne.The action and cinematography are much easier to watch without Greengrass' infamous shaky cam. With that said, there is far less action mixed with a slower pace. The film doesn't really become interesting until 30 or 40 minutes in.In all, The Bourne Legacy largely handcuffs itself and falls into the series tropes too often to be considered on the level that the previous 3 films are. But good performances from its leads and some interesting action makes it a nice cable watch.+Renner & Weisz+Solid action-Handcuffs itself-Falls into the same tropes7.4/10

Laura L (nl) wrote: While Kristen Bell is as charming as ever, this festering pile of turd is not.

Matt R (gb) wrote: Perfectly paced, edge of your seat thriller. Jessica Chastain stands out in an ensemble cast to show she's a true star.