Up in Arms

Up in Arms

Hypochondriac Danny Weems gets drafted and accidentally smuggles his girlfriend aboard his Pacific-bound troopship.

Hypochondriac Danny Weems gets drafted into the army and makes life miserable for his fellow GIs. He's also lovesick when it comes to pretty Mary Morgan, unaware that she's in love with his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karissa C (ca) wrote: Cute and funny. :>

Cristina M (nl) wrote: very nice film, but 2012 is better...

Phil N (nl) wrote: Prolific HK director Benny Chan delivers perhaps his most assured crime thriller with Invisible Target, a tale of three cops (one rookie, one seasoned pro, and one wild card) who come together to tackle a vicious gang of thieves. The action comes thick and fast - if in doubt, blow some sh*t up - and the first hour is a blur of explosions and excitement. Sadly things inevitably drag a little in the second half as the film struggles to maintain its momentum and a little pruning of the flabby story may have helped. Still, a decent - if slightly too long - thriller that isn't afraid to pull its punches.

Trish W (ru) wrote: The synopsis alone was enough to make me hate Ivan Thompson (who is apparently the only person in this film).

Pia K (fr) wrote: Enp muistanut elokuvan jujua, vaikka nin tmn jo toistamiseen... suosittelisin tt Stephen Kingin elokuvaa ainoastaan Johnny Depp <3 -faneille. (Suom. Salainen ikkuna)

Matt B (es) wrote: Session 9 is a bizarrely eerie horror movie. It creates and sustains a strange feeling throughout that is hard to pin down. Having said that they're are some things holding this one back from being a classic. Some of the dialogue is a bit clunky and some of the sound effects a bit cheap. It's not too bad but it kind of takes you out of the atmosphere. Overall I would recommend this to a horror fan looking for something a little different.Always see for your self!

Tony P (br) wrote: I'm a huge fan of the 1st Secret of Nimh film, and that's why this film feels like a slap in the face of the 1st one.The story revolving around some made-up prophacy about Timmy becoming some great hero, though he barely does anything to prove it. On top of that Mrs. Brisby and the rest of the family are barely in it, the dialogue is bad, the animation is at times sloppy, the songs are awful, and sometimes the dialogue doesn't match the mouth movements. The only entertaining thing about this film is Eric Idle voicing evil Martian, and that's becaue he's so over the top insane.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Lou Diamond Phillips' best role by far. It's a fun and memorable biopic. Perhaps it deserves another half star. I think I'd need to see it again to tell.

Kenichiro F (us) wrote: ?,,?'?-? 3/4?~,??~",??,,?'?-?-? (R)?,,,

Tom D (kr) wrote: A fine piece of neo-realism dealing with the condition of workers in Turin at the end of the 18th century.

Brian S (us) wrote: I always thought that war movies could only be accomplished with big budgets, but Platoon changes my ideas completely. For a budget of $6 millions, this is one hell of a masterpiece, with very convincing performances and full of famous actors, including Charlie Sheen, good old Forest Whitaker and even Johnny Depp... Well, at least before they were well known. It powerfully explores the horrors of man kind,all while being a great war movie. Recommended !!