Up the Front

Up the Front

In Frankie Howerd's third Up... film it's World War I and he plays Lurk, an absolute cowerd, er coward. He's evading the call-up for all he's worth. But one evening he's hypnotised by a drunken hypnotist (Stanley Holloway) into being brave, but he fails to be released from it. So with his yellow streak gone Lurk is down that army office before you can say "titter ye not." Off to war he goes, mingling with sexy spies like Zsa Zsa Gabor and before long, the spellbound recruit is heading hot-foot back to Blighty with the Germans' plan of attack tattooed on his bum, and the Germans are bringing up the rear...! Full of sauce, knowing real-life references and witty remarks to camera, this is a cheeky incorrigible final instalment.

Frankie Howerd stars in this comedy as a lowly boot-boy who is a terrible coward. He only goes to war in 1914 after he has been hypnotised to 'save England'. With the German master plan ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill H (us) wrote: Boring, and not Christmasy in the slightest.

mike h (fr) wrote: a movie like this cums along once in a lifetime so fucking watch it and enjoy it becuase its fucking awsum, so many cameos, great cast, good story, ya we no its not going to win an oscar no one gives a fuck oscar blow me, sometimes u want a cool fun movie u can laugh at and watch over and over again again, because thats what ur in the mood for and its makes u feel good, and dumbbells does it, fuck all the reviews, those people are all dead inside

Siri B (nl) wrote: This is a creature feature of great quality, and you'll just love it! High-quality B-movie: how often does that happen? But it has sharks, sea, beaches, kids, cops, the usual. Just with a twist.

Jonty B (us) wrote: Unbelievably average and disjointed story with even more dubious history than the first 300 but cracking slow mo swordfights. Entertaining enough just don't go out your way to watch it.

Elaine T (jp) wrote: dreadful trying hard to be funny movie that failed on so many levels

Jake A (ru) wrote: Five years after the third film we once again get a different director and with that a different style and for me this is slightly better than the third film though not a total triumph over that entry in the series since I feel the main villain is weak and not all that memorable but besides that this is an excellent action film. Tom Cruise is at his best, the supporting cast (especially those on his team) are solid, I love the action since it mixes real stunts and CGI perfectly, the score is solid, I like the plot, the script balances wit and seriousness really well and I like the pacing.

Amanda Z (it) wrote: very funny and entertaining movie

Al M (ca) wrote: Mortuary is a forgotten but fun slasher film that features a very young Bill Paxton and Christopher George, who is probably most famous for starring in Lucio Fulci's The City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates of Hell). As cheesy as possible and a little boring at times, Mortuary still delivers plenty of laughs, brutal deaths, and a silly yet creepy killer. Not a great film by any stretch of the term but one that will probably delight slasher fans if they can find a copy of it.

Mike H (fr) wrote: how rotten tomatoes gave this a 22% is ridiculous, this is one of adam sandlers best movies!

Tim S (fr) wrote: It's a good thing the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys did a riff on this because otherwise, I don't think I could have possibly stomached this vile piece of trash. Werewolf has about as much appeal as an unpainted wall of a barn. The only people I recognized in the film were Joe Estevez and Richard Lynch, and if I hadn't seen Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, I probably wouldn't have known who the latter was anyway (I've seen him more since then, but nevermind). Having said all of that, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of this movie is incredibly funny, and probably one of their top ten best shows. I don't see how anyone could derive any kind of entertainment out of it any other way.

AM Q (ru) wrote: So. I'm at work..and I read the synopsis and Jessie's review. My reaction, out of no where, "Jonathan Brandis?!" I must see.

Hermod R (mx) wrote: Fantastisk svensk komedie! Lenge siden jeg har sett den n, da.

Andrew G (jp) wrote: I might just be giving this a great review because this style of comedy is hilarious to me. Just the plot is funny because frankly, there was no plot! I liked the way David just randomly spat out facts when in the car. Also I liked the way he incorporated his music into the film. Overall, I thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in my life!

Bill B (br) wrote: I have very vivid memories of watching this long out of print film on television as a kid, presumably when it originally aired, so it was a delight to revisit when it finally got a legitimate DVD release last year. A wrongfully murdered, mentally challenged man returns from the grave to exact vengeance on the men who tormented him for most of his life and ultimately killed him. Great stuff, featuring a particularly sweaty and sleazy Charles Durning.Recommended.

Ken Y (gb) wrote: Gould over Keaton, any day. Buster, not Michael... that's Mr. Mom you're talkin' about there.

Amanda P (br) wrote: I love it but it won't load

Ernst M (es) wrote: An interesting movie that was a little different then your usual cop movie. It had a sense of humour that times seemed a little odd at times. It was interesting to see Kelsey Grammar in completely comedy role. With several other b-list stars, the movie has a pretty good general acting performance.

Scott C (es) wrote: I really liked this when I saw it way back when. I wonder if it still holds up now. Made me aware of the work of Peter Medak.

Jessica P (nl) wrote: First of all, I would like to point out that I am a Christian. I love great movies with some quality and effort. I don't just like big budget action films. I love to watch smaller movies with a purpose. I believe, you don't always need a big budget to make a great movie. You don't always need a famous director or actor attached to it to make it great. It's all about the script.Honestly, you could have the best actor in the world deliver these lines, and it would still sound atrocious. It would be just as cringeworthy.The writing in this movie is insufferably cheesy and stupid. It has no depth or real meaning to it. This is one of the many problems with this movie.The characters, if there are any real characters, are shallow and have no character development. They are just random tools used to deliver a message.Aside from terrible writing, awful "characters", and a heavy handed message, we have another big problem. Literally everyone in the movie who is not a believer, is made into someone who is completely heartless, disgusting, evil, out to get Christians, and lifeless. They make it look like they care about no one but themselves and are self-centered jerks.The other glaring error in this movie is the many MANY subplots and added "characters" that were so unnecessary to the movie, it felt like they just added them in to make a mainstream movie. They had no purpose or depth to them. They were incredibly wooden and boring and pointless.Many defend movies like this, saying, "it has a good message", "it supports my beliefs and Christian values", it's better that the trash Hollywood releases in theaters every year", etc, etc, etc!I have read several comments pointing out the many flaws of this movie, but giving it 5 stars because "it has a good message."Completely forgetting what makes a good movie in the first place!Many have also said that the critics hate God, just because they don't like the movie. That is absolutely ridiculous! It doesn't seem to matter what anyone says to people like this, they will even go as far to saying it is "persecution". What kind of world are we living in! Thinking that you personally, are being persecuted, just because someone doesn't like the same Christian movie you like? It's truly amazing what lengths people will go to get attention or money. Never see this film. Do not waste 2 hours of you life watch garbage like this. It's not worth your money or time.