Up the River

Up the River

Two prisoners, Saint Louis and Dannemora Dan, escape during a theatrical production in order to go to the aid of Steve, a former prisoner whose past is about to be exposed by the man who framed Judy unless Steve agrees to help him commit another crime.

When paroled trustee Steve and former inmate Judy who try to put their criminal lives behind them are blackmailed, two career criminals come to their rescue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Freddie M (ag) wrote: Heard great things about the film and wanted to see it. So disappointed. My roots are in southern Louisiana. My family is Creole. The nonsense in this film was just too much. Beasts is about as inaccurate and offensive a portrayal of bayou folk as you can get. Although I often found myself reaching for the eject button on my remote control I forced myself to sit through this film. Once was enough though. Never again.

Michael W (au) wrote: A GREAT BAD movie!Thanks again @HDTGM!

Des S (fr) wrote: This turned out to be more fun to watch than I had thought. I just wish there would have been more pranks and more best friend time in the movie.

Zachary M (kr) wrote: The scene with the child's chorus over lapped with the imagery of Jews being beaten and taken from their home was powerful and will stick out as a perfect example of a great scene in an otherwise mediocre movie. The acting from the three main leads is fine in its self. And it is nice and kind of weird seeing a World War 2 movie set in Germany that follows the lives on people other than in hiding Jews and/or the people trying to smuggle them out, though there is a bit of that. Despite all of this, the film will go down as just another unremarkable adaptation in a world of ever more unremarkable adaptations.

Wrik S (fr) wrote: A classic WTF movie!! No one gets to understand what crap just went on the entire time!!

Shantel D (ru) wrote: Really nice little flick. It's not perfect, but it's entertaining, and the characters are quite lovable.

Luis C (us) wrote: the purple one. ..Prince!

Stuart K (es) wrote: Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones went from Not The Nine O'Clock News to getting their own show on the BBC, but when Thorn EMI offered them their own film, they jumped at the chance to do it. Getting Mike Hodges (Get Carter and Flash Gordon) to direct it, unfortunately, it lacks a good script, because it's stars weren't that much cop at writing. Pity really. It has 4 human like aliens Bernard (Smith), Sandra (Joanne Pearce), Desmond (Jimmy Nail), and Julian (Paul Bown), travelling through space on their ship and crash landing on Earth, on the M1. However, Bernard becomes separated from the group and ends up somewhere in America. Meanwhile, the aliens are taken in by Commander Grenville Matteson (Dinsdale Landen), who conducts tests on them, but is taken over by CIA Col. Raymond Laribee (James Sikking), the aliens escape, and are taken in by rookie reporter Graham Sweetley (Griff Rhys Jones), who becomes their manager and makes them rich and successful. However, when Bernard ends up in a mental asylum, he plans to escape to get to a massive concert they're at in New York, but he's not very intelligent. It had all the right ingredients for a funny film, but a lot of the jokes you've seen elsewhere before, there's bad taste jokes galore and it's just dumb. It didn't help that the producers and the BBFC cut 6 minutes out to make it more family friendly, with a bit more of a savage bite, it could have worked.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Still ahead of it's time

Andrew S (kr) wrote: 1st one was very good. the 2nd had good animaiton VERY POOR STORYLINE/CHARACTERS. 3rd i didnt like hte animation so i stopped before getting into it 4minutes worth.

Muffin M (us) wrote: I own this in a five movie pack along with:* The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)* Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959)* Fantastic Voyage (1966)* Solaris (2002)

Tom D (au) wrote: I'm not a big fan of Michael Powell, but this is a beautifully crafted little film about isolated communities.

Letcia M (de) wrote: Outstanding. Great response to Griffith, even more compelling in my own opinion.

Huba L (it) wrote: Once I was watching it in 1985 ... 20 years ago and it's still the amazing cinema!