Up to His Ears

Up to His Ears

Up the Himalayas... Up the Yang-tze... Up in a balloon... Up-stage with a stripper... Up-town in Hong Kong... You can't keep a great adventurer down

Up the Himalayas... Up the Yang-tze... Up in a balloon... Up-stage with a stripper... Up-town in Hong Kong... You can't keep a great adventurer down . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Up to His Ears torrent reviews

Julia B (ag) wrote: Not often I hang the washing out during a film but I did on this one! Good storyline but that's as far as it goes... pretty bad acting, lots of fight scenes in every scene and an all round dull film

Aaron S (fr) wrote: Better than half of their movies, this stand up set from this okay, not bad, made one really good movie, one okay movie, and 3 pieces of poo comedy troupe is worth a gander only for the truly bored. The opening set is the best. An occasional laugh shows up here and there, but the true fun of it all comes from the buddy buddy relationships between its members that resonates even better in non-movie form.

Akhil A (jp) wrote: it makes u laugh...it well it means it makes u happy....Note- Absolutely not recommended to cocky intellectuals...:)

John B (ca) wrote: Flamenco, Flamenco, similar to the film Flamenco is a series of portraits of performers singing and dancing. What is misleading is to suggest that this is a true historical account of flamenco. While one appreciates the artists involved, it often feels like an terribly long Gypsy Kings concert. In light of the greatest of Pina, Saura ought to have filmed this in 3D and make it spectacular. Instead, it is just entertaining.

Brian C (us) wrote: Enjoyable entry in the line of awesomeness that is Fred Vogel. This movie sees a couple of amateur porn filmmakers tricking people and killing them gruesomely with the ever present Maskhead.While the story has been used before, it does seems fresh. Vogel relies on practical special effects which for the most part, were very good. Acting was suspect at times, but other times it was quite well done.It did lack the rawness of earlier works like August Underground, but still is gritty and has some shocking scenes.All in all, quite good, and rather enjoyable.

Krys M (ru) wrote: the ending was tied up a little bit too nicely to be taken seriously. but otherwise an okay film tackling a very serious issue in the black community. and i don't mean suicide!

Devon R (ag) wrote: I need to see this movie!

Mike C (mx) wrote: Renner definintely saved this movie. An independent about a skinhead who meets and falls in love with a black girl in a mental institution could go wrong many different ways. It actually held up for most of the way, largely behind Renner, but that ending was just terrible. Renner has the best guns in Hollywood since Mark Wahlberg. I didn't necessarily like the Hurt Locker, and that was the first time I'd knowingly seen Renner. I've seen him since in The Town where he was solid, and now in this, which was actually pretty good. The guy might just have a future. Gabby Union really seems to have fallen from her Bad Boys and Bring it On Days. At least those were big movies. She was in another indie preview on this dvd. Wonder why she didn't make it. Not bad on her part either, though Renner definitely stole the show. Story is not overly bad. Kinda American History X minus a lot of the good stuff. It is a nice character study of Renner's character: this child-like adult just trying to fit in. Tries to be tough to get along, but really is just a caring kid at heart. But whoever devised of such a lousy ending? Truly, I've rarely seen a movie ruined by such an ending.

Adele B (au) wrote: Not into foreign films.

David S (br) wrote: Disjointed from about 40 minutes in, and it never generates much emotion for anyone involved.

Jason D (au) wrote: An excellent Samurai film that pits the infamous blind swordsman, Zatoichi (played famously by Shintar Katsu) alongside the infamous Yojimbo bodyguard (played by none other than the equally awesome Toshiro Mifune) who craftily infiltrate opposing gangs that are out to destroy one another and steal a large sum of stolen gold from the government mint. The story is great, the characters are excellent, and the action is on par with any other enjoyable Samurai film. My only complaint was being surprised to find out that this wasn't the same Yojimbo I loved so much from the infamous film of the same name. In fact, Toshiro Mifune is playing a completely different Yojimbo that is loud, mean-spirited, and a drunkared, much different from his old Yojimbo who was crafty, silent, and much more deadlier with the sword. I sought out this film for my love of Toshiro Mifune and his Yojimbo character, and wound up leaving the film being swept off my feet from the comical and very crafty character of Zatoichi. Good film, but be warned of the of false Yojimbo character.

christine s (au) wrote: Im sure Iv seen this on a saturday afternoon and thought it was pretty good

Jim B (au) wrote: Great dialogue, acting and story.

Dave M (it) wrote: You have won $1,000,000... if you have and return the winning numbers. Bruce Dern's character, Woody Grant, focuses on the first part of that sentence when he receives a sweepstakes letter in the mail, but doesn't understand (or doesn't want to understand) the second part. He's determined to personally claim "his million dollars" by taking the letter from his home in Montana to the offices of the marketing company who sent him the letter in "Nebraska" (R, 1:55).Woody is a gruff old man who doesn't have much going on in his life and is willing to walk the 900 miles to Lincoln, Nebraska if he has to (and tries to do so). His long-suffering sons, David and Ross, played, respectively, by Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk, and Woody's pistol of a wife, Kate (Jane Squibb) are all unable to talk him out of it. David finally agrees to drive his dad to Lincoln. The trip takes them through Woody's hometown where we meet a number of his family members and old friends. Woody begins talking about the fortune he says he has won and word spreads quickly. Everyone enthusiastically congratulates Woody and he becomes the talk of the small town. He enjoys his new found local celebrity, until some of his family and friends start sticking their hands out, deciding that Woody owes them money from back in the day.In the end, it doesn't matter whether Woody gets the money or not. This film is much more about the journey than the destination. In content and tone, "Nebraska" has elements of 1986's "Nothing in Common", 1998's "Waking Ned Devine" and 1999's "The Straight Story", while, at times, feeling like a Coen Brothers movie. "Nebraska" is charming, funny and heart-warming. The film appears in black and white, which serves to enhance its simple, rustic feel. Besides, the movie's characters were colorful enough for me. Most of the actors are good fits for their roles, but Forte is miscast. His acting skills served the broad comedy of Saturday Night Live well, but aren't well-suited to the subtle comedy (and the serious moments) of this film. I found his presence distracting. Odenkirk was very good, and I'll let the Oscar nominations for Dern and Squibb (plus director Alexander Payne, screenwriter Bob Nelson and the film, as a whole) speak for themselves. "Nebraska" will leave YOU feeling like a million bucks. "A-"

Jon P (de) wrote: Aside from one often-quoted line, this movie is a new low for Ben Stiller and Jack Black, who both have a horrible track record with movies and roles.