Up Your Anchor

Up Your Anchor


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:German,Hebrew
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   sequel,   sex,  

Those Lemon Popsicle boys are at it again!..Naughtier than ever in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anssi V (gb) wrote: I quite liked the first Niko movie. It had decent animation, great characters, original idea and a storyline that managed to keep me invested and then some. I've seen it once or twice since and solidified my opinion: it's more than decent Christmas movie, not a classic, but still enjoyable and kid-friendly. I'd happily recommend it to all families.And then there's the sequel, which follows the traditional way of offering more of the same, sans the novelty. In this case Niko is once again being forced to play the rule of a headstrong child with short temper and no patience whatsoever. It's a common clich that the main character in a sequel seems to have learned nothing from his previous adventure, and this is true here as well, which is immensely aggravating. And when the storyline pretty much mirrors the previous film, this film can pretty much kiss goodbye to being as good as the original.Luckily the film makers got a few things right. I complain about Niko having learnt nothing, but there's the mitigating factor that he's still a kid, so he still has lots of learning to do. He should have learnt at least something, though. The rest of the cast though remains pretty much the same. They're not amazing, but they're solid. The same with animation. Nothing groundbreaking, but it looks good, though a bit uneven, as numerous studios were involved in the process, so the quality wavers a bit from time to time.The biggest problem is the story. It's just not as good as the first one, mostly because they tried to recycle the same plot, but with different enemies, which rarely works. There's a subplot concerning Niko's new stepbrother, but it's also very tired and clichd. Not horrible, per se, but not very good either. You can pretty much guess how it'll go from the first minute of it.So that's this film. It's nothing spectacular, if anything it's a bit below average, but it's harmless fun and it's not going to hurt or upset your kids. It's over an hour's worth of semi-decent family entertainment. If you can, watch the first one, as it is much better, but this will do in a pinch.

Ole J (ca) wrote: There are definetly both good and bad things to say about this movie, it does have its moments, but also many where it doesn't shine at all.Its kind of like a low budget Bourne flick, the acting is okay for a action picture, the action is also allright, but the story is kind of a mess and it left me with a lot unfinished business.

Jacob G (kr) wrote: Unique idea and strong opening are marred with cartoon-like bad guys and immature execution. Has some great camera choreography though. Worth watching, but only if you check your brain in at the door and know its crap going in.

ramis v (kr) wrote: tyler harpe is defenitely a name to remember , the athmosphere in this film is absolutely marvelous

Ashley D (us) wrote: I adore Crispin Glover!

Sarah B (mx) wrote: No coming of age movie is complete without someone climbing out of their bedroom window at night.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First viewing - Teen years)

David W (us) wrote: Cliche, but Marky Mark makes football look cool

WS W (ca) wrote: I've tried & so wanted to appreciate it a bit more... however.

Jen S (es) wrote: I really like this movie. I've been trying to find it so I can buy it but no such luck.

Kyle M (au) wrote: Melodramatic and overwrought. Even the (nice) score was sometimes not proper for the film in some places. I found it sometimes quite amusing for probably not-intended reasons. With that said, it keeps itself going along at a nice pace and the cinematography is spectacular. Some parts work better than others, but it never truly descends into cringe. Between 3 and 3.5. Sort of occupies the same territory as Coppola's 'Dracula' but is a bit better than that film. As with that film, it looks great, and this film has such a tremendous eye that I bump it to 3.5.

Justin L (ag) wrote: I watched this on hulu, thanks to insomnia, expecting some link to the Cthulhu mythos since it is set in Dunwich. There appears to be none, and while I can see how it would have been scary in its time it doesn't quite have the same effect 30-odd years later. The movie itself is lacking in plot development and acting but it DOES have some pretty graphic scenes and enough suspense to be worth watching for any fan of horror.

Charlotte Y (br) wrote: I wasn't expecting anything from the film, and was only attracted to it by it's title, but I thought it was great. Elliot Gould cast as a misanthropic photographer is very good. A far cry (and a hell of a lot better than his role as Monica & Ross Geller's father in 'Friends'. Just when you think this film is going to turn really bad, it becomes brilliant. But that's just my opinion

Sanity Assassin (us) wrote: less than average western where not alot really happens, all the while with john wayne playing a plain/dull character. i'd advise on giving it a miss!

Carol H (kr) wrote: This movie is all right, but something tells me the original is even better.

Kyle B (mx) wrote: I really loved this movie. Hoffman gives one of his finest performances next to Capote and Doubt and really made his character work. DeNiro also gave a fine performance. I didn't really care for the subplot involving the gangsters constantly being seen wanting the money but other than that this is a lovely film

Kay L (it) wrote: Funny enough to watch at least once.

Ricky W (it) wrote: Yeah I'm a crazy romantic but, this movie hit me at my core.

Private U (es) wrote: The quality of the image on this DVD was pretty stunning, considering it wasn't a big budget film and that it was from 1972. Anyways, it's an entertaining blaxploitation flick about a boxer who gets caught up in a criminal underworld that is never fully explained, but that doesn't matter. The soundtrack is funky, the women sensual, and the violence brutal. I really like the moral ambiguity that BJ Hammer went through and the fact that the cops were not the bad guys (to change things up). Just listening to the dialogue being delivered was a treat. Fred Williamson is a badass, too.Check it out, you jive-ass turkey.