Up Yours

Up Yours

Tenants share wild times in a Hollywood apartment building.

Story – it has one? Well, it’s supposed to be an erotic comedy smorgasbord of blackout gags inspired by goings on by the wacky tenants of an apartment hotel. The overall production makes Ed Wood seem like Stanley Kubrick. But remember there is at least one good thing -- a tripod is used to steady the camera…most of the time. A violation of the “movie lemon law,” or a cult classic? You be the judge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy L (ca) wrote: >...(TM)?? 1/2 (C)" 1/4"<, 1/2<... 3/4 1/2OK

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Paul Deno stars and directs.

Jennifer E (kr) wrote: First off, the boogeyman here did look a bit scary with those eyes and the face. I wasn't sure about his clothing, though. I think there were some scenes here that were very unrealistic as far as effects go. Question: her friends never stated that they believed in the boogeyman (at least not at first, for example, Lukas), yet they still died. How did the girl escape in the beginning? Why was she not killed? And why, oh why did they not use the voice of Tobin Bell for the diary entries? One more thing...she said the boogeyman would be your greatest fear. I assume Lukas's bong going through his face...was not his greatest fear?

S C (it) wrote: Incredible documentary that does a wicked job of capturing the Baja 1000 race. Sweet camerawork and some amazing shots captured on film. Makes me want to go down to Baja to watch the race, or even register a Class 11 stock VW and participate.

Tommy M (es) wrote: I thought this movie was good. The story was interesting and you actually had to think about, the cast was great and it was believeable. It had some twists that you wouldnt see coming. But i found it annoying that they repeated themselves so much. But Val kilmer acted and sounded like an high ranking officer, and Kristen Bell did an awesome job.

Thrall T (ca) wrote: In a era filled with sappy chick flicks and gooey romances we need a good drama once in awhile. Castaway, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, and Paul Sanchez brings a serious attitude of self preservation and emotional hardship to the table. Chuck Noland (Hanks), who works for Fedex, has plane crashed on a deserted island. He uses washed up packages from the wreckage as tools and resources to help keep him alive. Completely isolated, Noland battles emotional, physical and mental hardships in order to survive. The movie is well presented with a different perspective on the many trials and hardships of life, not to mention an excellent cast of characters to go along with it. While most people don't get plane crashed onto an island the emotional perspective of getting backed to loved ones is a theme many can relate too. However, with Hanks really being the only character for the majority of the movie sometimes the dialogue can become a little lacking. Also considering that he is supposedly trapped on this island for many years with few resources he doesn't really look emaciated throughout the movie. Overall, I give this movie a four

Katherine B (us) wrote: Maggie works and lives in a bookstore, meets Kim, seduces her, and then her mother suddenly appears on her doorstep. It's a weird mix of romance, lesbian and transgender issues, the struggle against censorship, experimenting with sex toys, and coming out to one's mother. Chris Cox and Vancouver locations.

Phillip T (mx) wrote: The worse movie I have ever seen Redford in... what were they thinking?