Psychological thriller.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
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Andy M (ag) wrote: I brought the Fracknation DVD to work so my co-workers could watch it. It was my second time watching the documentary and I still enjoyed it. McAleer has done a wonderful job collecting the facts and presenting them in a very digestible way. He thoroughly and accurately debunks Gasland, which was fraud cloaked in a movie. My large extended family were mostly farmers when I was born, but most had to leave their farms because they simply couldn't earn enough in today's world. So, I had a lot of sympathy for the farmers in the movie. I work in oil and gas and can attest to the huge amount of effort to get a well permitted these days. The guy in the movie said it took him 2 to 3 years to permit a well, we've had wells that took 5 years to permit! And people who try to make up stuff to sue the "rich" oil companies, like the family interviewed for Gasland and this movie are all over the place. Watch it just to see Josh, the maker of Gasland, running away as McAleer tries to interview him, priceless!

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day : Saturday Date: 30 Jan 2009 Time: 11.30 pm With: Noone On : PC Another Masterpiece by Subhash Ghai. Salman acted for once. Anil Kapoor was marvelous, Zayed was just fit in. Good script and Kat was beautiful.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: Like the case of the third film, I wasn't fond of the fourth film even as a kid. While I like this sequel a little better than the previous film, I still don't like it because it suffers many of the same problems as the third film did. The story is shallow, the musical numbers are bad, the character development is practically nonexistent, and it's a just boring film as a whole. However, the villain was more interesting than the third film, and there were a few funny moments. However, there was just no meat on the bones of the sequel. I've only seen the first four films of this series, but I'm terrified to venture further. Maybe one day I'll see V-XIII, but considering that I wasn't fond of these last few sequels, perhaps I shouldn't.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: this was a good kids move it had its laughs but overall not my cup of tea if your younger and watch this youll remember it the next time you watch it but it wasnt bad just about a kid getting an unepected pet

Private U (it) wrote: I thought I had imagined this film!

Job P (ag) wrote: This movie is BORING! But the timing of a few graphic scenes and bloody deaths may keep you watching.

Eric H (ca) wrote: I mean, it hit some pretty hard issues, especially in the urban wastelands that were manifested in the 70s. But altogether I really didn't see how that made a full-fledged good movie. It was choppy, it was scruffy, it sort of played around with character development, and overall it was just kind of filthy in that it couldn't get over being a patron of the scumbag genre. Travolta's character is open to empathy but it doesn't reciprocate as someone worthy of second chances or a happy ending, despite that kid jumping in the river. I give it two, but that's just me. I know this is supposed to be Travolta's crowning achievement, but I just couldn't turn the corner on it. 2 stars.

Sean H (fr) wrote: The Man. Lots of oil too.

Edison Ed L (au) wrote: classics are not for rating.... zDDDDDDDDDDD

Alexander C (ag) wrote: For now not to bothered for this...uninterested...

Leigha W (us) wrote: After a long Hellraiser marathon, I can confidently say that this is by far the worst of the series! Stop at #7 (Deader)

David C (mx) wrote: A routine contemporary spy movie, with more than a hint of Bourne about it, rebooting the Jack Ryan series, updating the context to post 9-11 America, Putin era Russia, and the possibility of global financial market manipulation. Great cast and good performances despite a limited script.

Ben M (jp) wrote: A great movie due to fantastic performances all around and techniques which make the viewer feel like they are actually travelling through the life of Stanley Milgram alongside him.

Guido S (kr) wrote: I watched this once and couldn't get through it. Tried it again and I was able to finish it, but it was not that good. A few people are brought to a mansion party and spend a lot of the first part talking to each other, but that wasn't all that interesting. It didn't really pick up until the duck hunting part about halfway through and I still stuck around to see if it would pick up and it did, just not enough for me to enjoy it. Maybe if it cut out parts before the hunt, I might have liked it more. A pretty solid cast, but wasn't enough to keep me interested throughout.