Widowed Radha lives in rural India in the 1960s, along with two sons: Bharat and Puran. While she would like to educate her sons and ensure that they lead good lives, she cannot do so on her own, and must sacrifice the career of one son so that the second can achieve this goal. Bharat sacrifices everything to educate his brother Puran. However, Puran turns into a greedy man and gets involved in drug trafficking in order to make money.

Cult classic highlighting the contrast between Indian and Western values in the newly independent state. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (es) wrote: Powerfully moving, makes me almost want to go vegan, almost.

Karley R (de) wrote: Very cute love story.

Gerard D (au) wrote: A Japanese reboot of the 'Gamera' films. Gamera is 'the Godzilla of the Turtle World'. Mainly for a very young audience.

Hunter W (gb) wrote: Violent, over the top, and the dialogue sequences are fixating. However, Inglorious Bastards is at its best when Christoph Waltz and Brad Pitt are on screen.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: one of my favorite movies

Eduardo L (mx) wrote: 10-28-20162nd review: "The epic of all epics. Some of the best cinematography ever in terms of scope and grandeur." (March 2012)