Uppukandam Brothers Back in Action

Uppukandam Brothers Back in Action

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Uppukandam Brothers Back in Action torrent reviews

Arjun S (us) wrote: A very difficult subject......a movie with some good performances but.......Jha should have handled the subject better, has too much of a pro Maoist and anti govt stand.......watchable !! .

Kathy S (fr) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen! If I could rate it -10 then I would!!!

Brian C (us) wrote: Enjoyable found footage movie about the strange going ons in a summer house in Spain. Lots of tension, and good shaky camera work typical of the genre.

Holly R (it) wrote: A compelling story of about the passion, and great risk, of making music in the underground scene in Iran. Exploring some different genres, you get to hear a ton of really great music and really feel for these kids & their story. Highly recommended.

Pamela D (gb) wrote: Five stars if you're a moron.

Mikolaj K (au) wrote: nade de especial, pero da muxa risa

The S (kr) wrote: This is a very poor film "comedy" - annoying rather than funny. The abundance of bikini clad beauties may encourage some to watch it to the end.

Charles S (ru) wrote: watchable only if you are bored or need to concentrate on something else

Ken S (ca) wrote: Near perfect Altman, Segal and Gould are on fire in this small time gambler character comedy.

Victor T (es) wrote: Since the release of the polarizing but cult classic "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", Terry Gilliam has struggled in making films as beloved or memorable as he used to, plus he has been the victim of numerous production problems: Cancelled films (most notably "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote"), been replaced in the directing chair ("Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone") or even the dead of lead actors (Heath Ledger in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"). But still he gave audiences the also polarizing "The Zero Theorem". So in which spectrum does Gilliams eleventh directorial work falls into? Qohen Leth is a hermit computer genius who lives in a futuristic, almost Orwellian society, and is looking for a reason to live, but when he manages to get a meeting with his boss, he offers him an opportunity that may provide him with a reason. The pairing of one of the most creative directors working to date and one of the most fun to watch actors working right now is the main reason I wanted to watch this film, plus I was really curious to see why was this film is so hated, and after watching it I don't completely get it. "The Zero Theorem" counts with a solid performance by the charismatic Christoph Waltz, Gilliams directing is as irreverent as ever, Gilliams trademark visual style is tamed by the concept of the film itself but still he manages to deliver some gorgeous visuals within this limitations, the story can only be described as a mixture of Aronofskys debut "Pi" with Gilliams masterpiece "Brazil" (I don't get why people claim this is a difficult film to follow, is extremely straightforward), the character evolution of Waltz is really interesting to witness, and the small amount of comedy are actually hilarious (Tilda Swinton is hilarious in her small cameo). But still, this film suffers from major problems: It has serious pacing issues as at time it tries to be a psychological thriller but then it goes to the Gilliam quirky style, the themes are executed poorly, some characters are useless as they literally disappear from the film, and overall the clich but still interesting philosophical questions presented at the beginning are completely dropped, which as I mentioned in my "Ex Machina" review is extremely frustrating as they are meaningless in this narrative. "The Zero Theorem" is a surprisingly tamed Terry Gilliam film that has some interesting ideas but overall is quite forgettable. It is by no means Gilliams worst film (I doubt he will ever make a film as bad as "Brothers Grimm") but quite possibly his most forgettable work to date (right next to the already mentioned "Brothers Grimm" and "Jabberwocky").

monsieur r (mx) wrote: An Italian comedy spoof of the then popular James Bond "Goldfinger", veteran horror actor Vincent Price is Dr. Goldfoot. While most today will find this barely comedy, it may be amusing today for its retro costuming and sets. Obviously targeted at teen and pre-teen audiences and very naive adults. Released a year after the first Goldfoot film (Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine), using teen singing idols of the day seems to be the draw for these hopelessly moronic films. The targeted audience must have been teens in both movies. Why Vincent Price got cast in the lead role is a curiosity. Price had both comedy and horror in his career. The plot is about as lame as the acting. The english voice overs are awkward as the supporting cast is sometimes Italian. Dr. Goldfoot, who looks like the N.A.T.O. supreme commander, plans to assume his role to take over the military organiziation. Goldfoot manufactures robot beauties that blow up those victims he chooses. NATO's top generals are all eliminated through use of the girls. Dr. Goldfoot calmly explains all his plans directly to the audience as if off camera. The ultimate goal of Goldfoot is to instigate a war between the superpowers leaving him alone to rule the world. Mildly amusing and best for those that like plenty of bikini clad hot gals, recommended for Vincent Price fans or these espionage spoofs. Fabian, as Bill Dexter, then sixties teen singing idol in the U.S., is an agent after Goldfoot. CAST Laura Antonelli Fabian (60's American teen idol singer) Franco Franchi Ciccio Ingrassia Vincent Price (veteran horror, now comic actor) Crew Director: Mario Bava Composer: Les Baxter Screenplay: Robert Kaufman Producer: Louis M. Heyward Screenplay: Louis M. Heyward Screenplay: James Hartford Producer: Fulvio Lucisano Cinematographer: Antonio Rinaldi Screenplay: Ullman. Elwood