Upstairs and Downstairs

Upstairs and Downstairs

On marrying the boss's daughter, Richard takes his father-in-law's advice to hire a live-in domestic. He soon finds good help is hard to come by. Run-ins follow with dipsomaniacs, bank robbers, a Welsh lass who takes one look at London and runs, and an Italian charmer who turns the place into a bawdy house. Then when Ingrid arrives from Sweden things actually start to get complicated.

On marrying the boss's daughter, Richard takes his father-in-law's advice to hire a live-in domestic. He soon finds good help is hard to come by. Run-ins follow with dipsomaniacs, bank ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eka L (ag) wrote: The whole movie totally freaked me out. I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK" like, many times. ;-;Thought it was somekind of zombie movie, but (uh) NO. It was about a (ghost of a) child who posseses people to get his mother killed... (and I won't spoil the rest of the story).Although some of the actors didn't do their parts well, but it's a good thriller. Well, just enough for a coward like me. And there was a fuckload of inappropiate scenes (nudity, sexual content), and I mean, my Gramps was beside me. Like, seriously awkward. 3/4__ 3/4But there's this morale of the story I got. "Don't have sex before marriage. Don't throw away your baby into adoption centre. Take a good care of it, it's a gift from God." Really, people.

Greg W (au) wrote: if u can swallow this crazy plot ur doin better than me

Niklas J (fr) wrote: Spider-Man the Animated Series is without a doubt one of the high points of cartoon series. Almost 20 years later only few series have been produced that can even be considered for comparison with the level of this series, and none of those came from Marvel.

Logan M (jp) wrote: A great movie about an awful movie director. This is definitely Tim Burton's best film.

Jack O (jp) wrote: There is no question that I really think this is violent. The violence in this is intense. The bar fight is violent and I like it and the end fight because the fight scenes that I enjoyed from Steven Seagal are good. It's got a really rubbish ending, I thought the ending is crap and cheesy. The murder of his friend Bobby is realistic and the bad guy sort of looks like Oliver Hardy so that's a impressive feet..

Peter F (ag) wrote: A rousing pulp narrative as much as a psychological showcase of a descent into madness, Shock Corridor is one of Sam Fuller's most impressive films. A film eons ahead of it's time in terms of style and subject matter, many might find it unbelievable that this type of American film existed before the dawn of New Hollywood. Shot with a keen eye for detail, along with occasional explanatory sequences that are done in full color, the film certainly exists as it is through Sam Fuller's background as a journalist, but he's also able to capture the film's more fantastic elements in a way that doesn't feel inappropriate. Funny, original, and ultimately tragic, Shock Corridor gives One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest a worthy adversary for the title of "Best Insane Asylum" movie.

Vance M (au) wrote: This Month's Movie Review for November 2015 is Blue Streak with Martin Lawrence that can out in the year 1999. This is funny like most of martin lawrence movies with the funny Dave Chappelle. My favourite part of the movie is end part when Martin Lawrence roundhouse kicked his former partner in the face and another favourite part of the movie is when Martin punched David Chappelle in the face in the ally. I found out that there making Bad Boy 3 soon and Martin Lawrence in the movie with Wesley Snipes, so look out for it in a couple of years. I gave this movie 4 stars. A good movie to see.

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Andres G (it) wrote: A decent enough action thriller. Neeson, Harris, Kinnaman and Holbrook do a good job.The direction is also good. The script is just predictable, although has some good points but, that's it. A movie to watch without doing any mental effort.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch