A story on the trials and tribulations of a mother-and-son relationship, which goes downhill after son Damiaan passes his school exams and almost immediately moves into a squat, while his ...

A story on the trials and tribulations of a mother-and-son relationship, which goes downhill after son Damiaan passes his school exams and almost immediately moves into a squat, while his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (gb) wrote: Some chuckles, a couple of laughs and a talented cast can't save Office Christmas Party from the feelings of "been there, done that."

Fahad A (ru) wrote: Couple of hotties and that's it.

Owen B (es) wrote: I want to see this simply because it's starring Emma Roberts...she's freaking hot.

Kayla S (ca) wrote: very very bad movie but had a a good meaning and good songs!

Matt B (ca) wrote: If the brothers are stuck together, wouldn't their shirts be raised up over their conjoined excess skin? This doesn't happen the entire time in Stuck on You.Then again, are we really supposed to take this movie seriously? I don't think so. Stuck on You isn't hilarious, but it is sweet. The Farrelly Brothers have a certain sweetness to their comedies that make up for the lack of laughs.

Private U (br) wrote: some good acting, kinda felt like a realistic documentary, but with such a surprising ending.

Sami K (es) wrote: Oivallinen kasikirjoitus. Kirjasto on oiva paikka lainata leffoja, kun sielta kerran nakojaan hyviakin loytyy. Ja varsinkin nyt kesalla tuntuu hyllyt olevan leffoja pullollaan.

Fernando C (es) wrote: Tiene la letra B incrustada en la frente, pero esta pelicula de Roger Corman me fascina. Tiene a una Winters frenetica, De Niro jovencisimo y Bruce Dern es Bruce Dern. Me encanta esta pelicula.

Edgar C (br) wrote: Melville playing with an intricate plot, plot twists, Belmondo's physiognomy, the two sides of the coin in every man's personality, and Fabbiene's body. Greatly constructed noir, satisfying in every aspect. 99/100

Andy G (jp) wrote: A good courtroom thriller, while at first seeming quite obvious it eventually twists to leave the audience with an unexpectedly distressing ending. Does seem a little dated today but is still well worth watching.

Xain R (fr) wrote: Ava Gardner keeping her screen beauty and intelligent insinuations at the peak. It won't be wrong if one says that Ava is the life of the film. Her scene with anyone other actors are amazing. Mogambo brings adventure and romance together in a strange and blissful setting with little known climax. Grace is as much graceful as anyone could be while Gable, who is playing the role second time is very natural and easy.

Robin H (de) wrote: Bette Davis=Great Performance. One of her best. John Dall=Brilliant Performance. Nigel Bruce=Typical character role for Bruce. Wonderful story! Chorus singing is inspirational! Fast paced. Good direction & overall production above par! God bless progressives.

Bob L (es) wrote: worst acting, worst movie, it doesn't even rate a piece of a star


Natalie M (nl) wrote: Short and enjoyable. Surprisingly political. I am a big fan of Chuck Jones and Dr. Suess. I will be interested to see the new version and see what they did with it. The other Jones/Suess animations on the disc were also good. "Butter Battle" was a very entertaining metaphor for the Cold War. The Cat in the Hat narrates "Daisy Head Mayzie" which is the most musical of the animation shorts. This one seemed more simple and childish than the others. "Horton Hatches An Egg" is more classic Chuck Jones. You can see variations on some of his classic characters like Elmer Fudd.

Alex K (jp) wrote: I can't understand why this film is not liked it is full of a lot of laughs and it also has a great cast.

Adam R (ca) wrote: A science fiction version of Swiss Family Robinson that is set in space. The story could use some work and it ends rather abruptly. I wouldn't say it was very memorable, but it wasn't a bad movie either. (First and only full viewing - 8/16/2014)